Monday, 28 August 2017

Short One This week - Week 71

Hey everyone, 

We had a miracle baptism! Brother Kevin! His baptism was great. We could tell that he really felt the spirit. What I love about Kevin is that he is so genuine! And he is so receptive to the spirit! He really understands. We teach and then he understands straight away. He is someone that is so prepared that as soon as he hears truth he believes. As he shared his testimony he was speechless! As we sung for him he teared up. I love him! In his confirmation Bishop mentioned that he will serve a mission and get married in the temple. He has a desire to serve a mission! I am just so happy. I am blessed to have been a part of this and blessed to have met him! He is 18 years old. 

There's not really anything else to say. I am so sorry that this is so short!

Love you all! 

Have a great week!

Sister Hann

Monday, 21 August 2017

I am 22. I am old. Week 70

Hello everyone, 

I am now 22. I have been alive for 22 years, feels like an eternity, but I have a long way to go.

I have had a great birthday so far! This morning we went to the Marikina Sports Centre with some missionaries from our zone (my district and then the zone leaders and 2 other Elders). It was so much fun! We played basketball, and then played a game with random people. It was fun! Then we went out for lunch. They bought me a cake and then sung for me haha. It was so nice! I have had a great birthday so far! Later we are going to Taytay to buy some more dresses so it is going to be an awesome day.

This week has been another good one. We did 2 exchanges this week. On Thursday and Saturday. I worked with my old companion again. Sister Balagso! She is now in our zone. It was awesome and we had so much fun!! I also worked with a Sister from America. It was funny because everyone stared at us and even some people OYM'ed us. I felt like we didn't even have to try and find people, they just came to us. They are amazed that we are white and know how to speak Tagalog.  It was lots of fun.

So, me and my companion have an awesome opportunity. Later tonight we are going to be skyping missionaries in Taiwan. They have a Filipino investigator that has limited English and Chinese, so they are having trouble. The Mission President in Taiwan sent President Koster a message and asked him if he could find some Sisters who spoke English and Tagalog so that we could help teach.  President called us! How amazing is that?! Out of everyone he chose us. I was so excited! And out of every mission here the Mission President of Taiwan chose our mission. It is an amazing opportunity and I am excited to experience this. We will be the translators for the missionaries over there and their investigator! We will be going to the office later and our appointment is at 6:30pm. Awesome opportunity!

That is all that has really happened this week. I've gone blank again hehe.  But yesterday I was reading in the New Testament, in Luke. This is the first time I have really started to appreciate the parables that Jesus taught! They are amazing! I love the way the Saviour teaches. He is a perfect example for us. 

I hope you all have another great week! 

Love you all

Sister Hann

Monday, 14 August 2017

Hello Week 69

Another week has gone! Time flies!!!

We had a good week this week! So last Monday after my email we got a call from the AP. He said that the Sister's from Mindoro were coming and we would have to do an exchange with them. They were coming for Sister's conference. The Sister's conference was on Wednesday so Tuesday we did an exchange with them. It was good! It was nice to have some other Sister's in our apartment. 

The Sister's conference was so awesome! It was amazing. The theme was Wonder Women. Sister Koster and the other couple Sister missionaries talked to us. They spoke about women in the scriptures and then they also shared about their lives. The Spirit was so strong and we were able to understand more about our role and our identity as women. I loved it! There were some activities as well. It was nice to see my previous companions as well.

This week we saw many miracles. We are going to have a baptism on the last Saturday of August! It is a miracle because he was not the one we were planning to baptise. His girlfriend is a member and he has been coming to church in our ward but he actually lives in another area. We thought it wasn't okay for us to teach him and then have him baptised here but we talked to the zone leaders in the other area and they said it was okay! So we taught him on Sunday during the last hour of church. He is awesome! We asked him how the lessons went with the other missionaries and he said he always felt really good. He said he could feel the spirit. One thing I like about this guy is that he is so receptive to the spirit. He is only 18 years old but he is smart. We taught him about the plan of salvation and it was so cute because we talked a little bit about temple marriage. He was like yeah that's what we are planning for (as he said this he pointed to his girlfriend). It was really nice to see that he is already thinking about these things and he understood how important something like that was, especially for his girlfriend. We asked him how he felt now that he knows about the Plan of Salvation. He said he feels he understands his purpose in life more and he now sees what he has to do to reach the Celestial Kingdom. He accepted to be baptised on August 26. I was supposed to end the lesson but I was speechless because I was excited hahaaha. I love seeing when people are so ready to accept the gospel in their life. 

We had a zone activity earlier today. It was awesome. We played some basketball, some volleyball and this other game that the zone leaders organised. It was heaps of fun! I can see that we are becoming more united and the zone leaders shared with us that our zone did really well this week! Miracles continue to happen each week. I am loving life at the moment. I never want this to end but a mission can’t last for a life time. I continue to prepare myself to come home as well. I will go home next transfer. But let's not talk about that yet haha. 

I love you all. I just want to encourage you to read the Book of Mormon every day. If you will you will see the miracles. 

I feel like my emails are getting shorter and shorter haha sorry. I always forget what I am going to write when I get here haha. 

Have a great week! 

Talk to you next week.



Sister Hann

Monday, 7 August 2017

Hey Everyone! Week 68

Hey everyone,

Do you ever feel like you are thinking about 50 billion things at once? That's how I feel at the moment haha but it's okay.  I enjoy being busy. I don't think I have ever said that in my life, but yes, it is true haha.

So 2 main things happened this week. On Thursday we had MLC. (that's the missionary leadership council). So we have that every month. We always have to wake up really early for that. It was really good. We set some great goals for the mission and ways we can help each zone achieve our goals. It just made us all pumped. Now we just have to help the other missions feel that fire. After MLC we were busy, we also had our weekly meeting with the bishopric so we got home and we were so tired and then we had to prepare our workshop for the zone conference the next day. It was getting late and I was like ahhh my brain isn't working anymore haha. Then we had to wake up early the next day. Our workshop went well though. I always feel the Lord's help and always feel like I am being led by the Spirit when I teach! I am feeling also that I am less nervous to talk in front of others and teach in front of others. When I get up there as well the nerves fade away. It is awesome. 

On Saturday we did zone planning with the zone leaders. Zone planning is actually something that the zone leaders do by themselves. But at MLC President said, “Okay, Zone leaders if you have STL's in your zone take some time now and talk to them about what you can do to help your zone.” So we talked and we thought that if we did zone planning with them it would help. Sometimes they find they’re stuck and need more help. We got permission from President and it was so good! It was so effective! We got really pumped and we thought about ideas that we could do to become more unified as a zone and to achieve the goals that we have set. I can see how our mission is really progressing! We are becoming unified and we are seeing the miracles!!! Ah I think my head is going to explode from excitement haha.

This week we have a Sister's conference. It’s on Wednesday! I am really excited! It's for ALL the Sisters in the mission! It will be great to come together and spend some time together. 
I think that is all for now. I am running out of time like always! 

Sorry this isn't very spiritual haha. 

I hope you have an awesome week! 

Love you all!

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE TODD FOR SUNDAY!!!! Sunday is the 13th right? I hope you have an awesome day! Getting a bit old but that's okay I forgive you hehe.