Monday, 17 July 2017

Hey Everyone - Week 65

Hi all!

So, we had a busy week this week. I had 2 exchanges. One on Tuesday and then the next one on Wednesday. It was tiring and by Wednesday night I felt like it was Saturday haha. But I really enjoy working with the other Sisters. They are really great and I learn something different from each of them. 

We had many dinner appointments this week which of course was awesome haha. 

Earlier we had a zone activity. We played some games which was lots of fun. Then of course we played a bit of basketball. I beat 2 Elders at a free throw contest. Don't worry I am not losing my game here ;) HAHA just joking :) 

We had a great day yesterday! We had 6 investigators at church. The other weeks it has just been 1 or 2. We also had one of our recent converts bring a friend to church and she said he wants to become a member. I was like wow, okay, well we can make that happen haha. Hopefully things will work out there. 

We don't have a lot of investigators here but we are working hard to find new ones. It's all about faith, obedience, hard work and unity.  I have been in some hard areas but I never said, "this area is hopeless, we can't do it" I just said, "okay we have some work to do. Let's do our best and look for the miracles." That has helped me so much on my mission! It has helped me see the small miracles that happen every day in our lives. We just have to be positive and look for them!

That's all for now. Sorry this is short!

Love you all!

Sister Hann 

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