Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Hey Everyone - Week 63

Hey everyone!

This has been a slow week. We were what we call in the Philippines "punted" all week. Which means no one was available or people would hide from us hahaha. But that's all good, just gotta keep going and keep enjoying.

I have some awesome news though.... You ready?
BROTHER MAX WAS BAPTISED?!  I got a letter from my previous companion Sister Balagso telling me that he got baptised. I cannot explain the joy I felt when I received that letter. I can tell you it is the happiest I have been on my mission! She told me that he was finally able to feel like he had repented properly and he finally felt that he could forgive himself. There was something that had happened in the past that he could never forgive himself for. They found out what it was when I left. It was like 20 years ago. I am incredibly happy that he was able to understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ and what that means for him in his life. That is why I love being a missionary, and that is why I am a missionary. I can help people understand and use the Atonement in their lives. It is the greatest gift. The gift of being able to repent and become clean from the sins we commit. We're not perfect, right? Without the Saviour's sacrifice there is no way we could return back to live with our Heavenly Father again. There is no way we could feel peace in this life. If it weren't for the Atonement we would always feel that guilt, but because of Him, we can be freed from those feelings of guilt and we can change! That is the amazing message we have to share with the world. Sometimes people don't understand they are carrying around those feelings of guilt until we share with them the way to get rid of it. I love the Saviour and I am trying to learn more about Him. I just started doing what President Nelson said in his conference talk. I am reading every scripture that is listed in the topical guide about the Saviour. He said it changed him and I am sure it will do the same to me. We should all try it!

Yesterday wasn't P-day because we had a temple visit today. So yesterday I had my first exchanges as STL. It was awesome! I had an awesome time! The Sister I went with was so kind and we just enjoyed our day together!

On Friday we have MLC (Missionary leadership council) The AP's called yesterday and said me and my companion have to do a workshop for it! I was like what?! Hahaha. At MLC all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders, the AP's and of course President and Sister Koster are there.  I was like oh great that's going to be fun haha. I am just going to go with my motto "fake it till you make it" haha. I am sure it will be fine and I am sure I will learn from it. At least I am continuing to learn how to speak in front of people and to teach others.

On Thursday we will have zone conference. At least we don't have to do a workshop there as well haha. But it's going to be a busy week this week so I am sure I will have more to update you on next week!

2 quotes: "Your world is in your head. Get your head right and your heart will follow, and you will be right." - Lawrence E. Corbridge
"As you work to save others, you save yourself." This is so true, I have experienced it here in my mission :)

Love you all!

ingat kayo palagi and wag kayo maging pasaway ;) (Yung last part ay para sa mga kapatid ko kasi makulit sila) 

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