Monday, 10 July 2017

Busy Week - Week 64

So we had a busy week this week!

The main things that happened were Zone Conference on Thursday and then MLC on Friday. 

Zone conference was awesome. I got to see some friends that I haven't seen for a while and I also got to see my Tatay! Haha. He is American and he went home about a year ago. But his fianc√© lives here so he came to visit and he came to our zone conference. It was awesome to see him again! After the zone conference, we were outside waiting for a jeep. There was something that was bothering me a bit. While I was standing there one of the Elders said to me... Sister Hann, I've heard a lot about you. I was like umm is that a good thing? He said yeah don't worry, it's only good things. He said, "Elder so and so said you're awesome. He said you're a spiritual giant, and I can testify to that." When he said that I just felt a wave of comfort. I was like ahh I guess I am doing something right haha. There are many times in a mission when you feel inadequate, when you feel like you're not reaching up to what you should be. I remember one quote that has always been a comfort to me. It is "Your success is not measured in what you do, it is in what you leave behind." There are many things that I am not perfect at when it comes to this work, but I am just going to focus on my strengths. I have learnt that how I make people feel, and what I leave behind is what is more important than how 'good' I am. Then I was standing next to an Australian and he was like, “you got this Sister, you're Australian, and Australians can do anything.” Hahaha. 

Then on Friday we had our Missionary Leadership council. I was so nervous when we got there hahahaha. I couldn't even eat the breakfast that was prepared! But the other missionaries were like don't worry we've got your back hahaha. I applied that quote I shared last week, fake it till you make it hahaha. When I got up there and we gave the workshop I just felt calm and I was able to speak well. Afterwards they said it was a really good workshop and President said to me afterwards it was as well. I am grateful that I am now getting better at public speaking. I am starting to enjoy it as well. Did I really just say that? Hahaha!

This coming week we will have 2 more sets of exchanges with the sisters in our zone. Should be fun! 

I think that is all for now. Oh yeah yesterday my companion couldn't work because she wasn't well. You won't believe it, I was going insane staying inside all day. I used to love it but now I just get anxious and want to go out and do something haha. 

Anyway, take care everyone! Hope you're all doing well. Keep reading the Book of Mormon, if you're not then start again haha.

Love you!!

Sister Hann

Last Sunday when it was raining,
Me and some of the YSA,
Us again (These were the other week, I haven't taken many pictures recently)


Last Sunday when it was raining

Me and some of the YSA,

Me and some of the YSA again

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