Monday, 31 July 2017

Our Mission is on Fire! Week 67

Hey everyone!

Our mission is on fire right now! So earlier we were at Aurora chapel (the biggest chapel in the mission and where our mission office is). It was just a bunch of random missionaries from different zones (mostly Polynesians haha). We just played sports. It was awesome. But the AP's came and told us that our mission just reached 161 baptisms for this month! That is the most we have had! We are so happy! I am just getting goosebumps thinking about it haha. The culture in the mission is changing. We are having more faith, being more obedient, working harder and having more unity. It is awesome! We are like one big family. I love it. 

This week has been awesome. Me and Sister Tio are loving life haha. There is no contention in our companionship. She is my closest friend here so it's like we're just hanging out every day hahaha except of course we are working hard.

One thing I want to share is what happened last night. We had a missionary fireside at Antipolo stake centre! I got to go because I was singing in the choir! It was soooooooooo awesome because I got to see people from the Branch that I served in! They were so shocked to see me haha but it was great to be reunited again! As the choir, we sung 2 songs. The first was a Book of Mormon stories medley. The second was the sisters in zion and bring the world his truth medley. Ahhhhhhhh I love that song so much! There were so many missionaries and when we sung that it was SO powerful! I had goosebumps literally from my head to my feet hahaha! Singing really does bring the spirit. At least we were in a group so you couldn't hear my voice hehe. After it we travelled home with the zone leaders and also 4 other sisters in our zone. As we got on the jeep we were just talking to everyone and it was so awesome. It is so much better when there are more of you. We were pumped from the fireside and we just wanted to get out there and share with everyone haha. 

Oh yeah! So next transfer Elder Neil L. Anderson is coming to our Mission! He will come and speak to us! Ah I am so excited! It will be combined with the Quezon City North Mission as well! So that's awesome!  It will be amazing cause that's my last transfer AND cause it's an Apostle! I always wanted to meet or listen to an Apostle while on my mission. Now I will have the chance! I don't know if we will all get to shake his hand but that's okay. At least I will get to hear from him!

So this transfer I feel like we are starting from scratch in our area. Trying to find those that are ready to accept the gospel. They're out there, just need to find them. I am more inspired and pumped right now for the work! I love being a missionary! I can't even express it hahahaha! I've been pushed on my mission more than I ever have in my life, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

That's all for this week. I love you all! Have an amazing week!

Sister Hann

A bunch of people went to Aurora chapel to play some sports. We are all from different zones haha but they got permission from President.

Playing sport at Aurora Chapel

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Transfer Week! - Week 66

Hey all!

So it is transfer week but I won't be transferring. My new companion will be Sister Tio! We are very close so I am excited for the transfer ahead!

So I would like to share a spiritual experience that I had this week. We went to a member’s house for lunch. They have this book and there is a lot of deep doctrine in it. We had a bit of a look. We were reading about the pre-existence. When we read it, there was this part that talked about how animals have souls. But then it said that the difference between animals and humans is that animals are Heavenly Father's creation and we are His offspring. As I read this it really hit me. Obviously, I know that I am a child of God. But at this point as in I REALLY came to understand who I am. I really came to understand that He truly is my Father and there is a part of Him in me. I knew this before, but now I guess I truly felt it. It's hard to explain. Ever since this, my prayers have been better. I feel like I am actually talking to Him. I feel like I am having a conversation with my Father. I also feel and understand more of what He feels for me and what He thinks about me. It is hard to express. It was an amazing experience.

One thing I want to share with you before I go is a quote.

"Those who are deliberate about doing the small and simple things, obeying in seemingly little ways- are blessed with faith and strength that go far beyond the actual acts of obedience themselves and, in fact, may seem totally unrelated to them." 
- Elder L. Whitney Clayton

He is talking about the simple things, like our prayers, scripture reading, and attending church. He knew a Bishop who was counselling with people. They were telling him they had these problems. He encouraged them to do those small things. They felt as though he wasn't really listening because those things weren't related to fixing their problems. But what they didn't really understand was that those are the things that in the long run are going to help. They are the basis of everything. Sometimes we need to focus first on being good at doing the small things before we focus on the big things. I have a testimony of these "small and simple things". I promise if we do them we will be blessed. It helps us be more protected from the temptations of the world! If we are 'in the world' we don't feel the spirit as much, and we start to feel like the things we are doing are not that bad because the spirit ceases to strive with us. 

Anyway, that's all I have for you for this week. Oh, and if you're away from the church, come back. There's always a way back, no matter what you have done, no matter how bad. I promise. I have really felt the love of my Heavenly Father this week. He loves all His children, even if they make mistakes. He knows we're not perfect and He is willing to help us!

Love you all!! 

Sister Hann

Monday, 17 July 2017

Hey Everyone - Week 65

Hi all!

So, we had a busy week this week. I had 2 exchanges. One on Tuesday and then the next one on Wednesday. It was tiring and by Wednesday night I felt like it was Saturday haha. But I really enjoy working with the other Sisters. They are really great and I learn something different from each of them. 

We had many dinner appointments this week which of course was awesome haha. 

Earlier we had a zone activity. We played some games which was lots of fun. Then of course we played a bit of basketball. I beat 2 Elders at a free throw contest. Don't worry I am not losing my game here ;) HAHA just joking :) 

We had a great day yesterday! We had 6 investigators at church. The other weeks it has just been 1 or 2. We also had one of our recent converts bring a friend to church and she said he wants to become a member. I was like wow, okay, well we can make that happen haha. Hopefully things will work out there. 

We don't have a lot of investigators here but we are working hard to find new ones. It's all about faith, obedience, hard work and unity.  I have been in some hard areas but I never said, "this area is hopeless, we can't do it" I just said, "okay we have some work to do. Let's do our best and look for the miracles." That has helped me so much on my mission! It has helped me see the small miracles that happen every day in our lives. We just have to be positive and look for them!

That's all for now. Sorry this is short!

Love you all!

Sister Hann 

Monday, 10 July 2017

Busy Week - Week 64

So we had a busy week this week!

The main things that happened were Zone Conference on Thursday and then MLC on Friday. 

Zone conference was awesome. I got to see some friends that I haven't seen for a while and I also got to see my Tatay! Haha. He is American and he went home about a year ago. But his fiancĂ© lives here so he came to visit and he came to our zone conference. It was awesome to see him again! After the zone conference, we were outside waiting for a jeep. There was something that was bothering me a bit. While I was standing there one of the Elders said to me... Sister Hann, I've heard a lot about you. I was like umm is that a good thing? He said yeah don't worry, it's only good things. He said, "Elder so and so said you're awesome. He said you're a spiritual giant, and I can testify to that." When he said that I just felt a wave of comfort. I was like ahh I guess I am doing something right haha. There are many times in a mission when you feel inadequate, when you feel like you're not reaching up to what you should be. I remember one quote that has always been a comfort to me. It is "Your success is not measured in what you do, it is in what you leave behind." There are many things that I am not perfect at when it comes to this work, but I am just going to focus on my strengths. I have learnt that how I make people feel, and what I leave behind is what is more important than how 'good' I am. Then I was standing next to an Australian and he was like, “you got this Sister, you're Australian, and Australians can do anything.” Hahaha. 

Then on Friday we had our Missionary Leadership council. I was so nervous when we got there hahahaha. I couldn't even eat the breakfast that was prepared! But the other missionaries were like don't worry we've got your back hahaha. I applied that quote I shared last week, fake it till you make it hahaha. When I got up there and we gave the workshop I just felt calm and I was able to speak well. Afterwards they said it was a really good workshop and President said to me afterwards it was as well. I am grateful that I am now getting better at public speaking. I am starting to enjoy it as well. Did I really just say that? Hahaha!

This coming week we will have 2 more sets of exchanges with the sisters in our zone. Should be fun! 

I think that is all for now. Oh yeah yesterday my companion couldn't work because she wasn't well. You won't believe it, I was going insane staying inside all day. I used to love it but now I just get anxious and want to go out and do something haha. 

Anyway, take care everyone! Hope you're all doing well. Keep reading the Book of Mormon, if you're not then start again haha.

Love you!!

Sister Hann

Last Sunday when it was raining,
Me and some of the YSA,
Us again (These were the other week, I haven't taken many pictures recently)


Last Sunday when it was raining

Me and some of the YSA,

Me and some of the YSA again

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Hey Everyone - Week 63

Hey everyone!

This has been a slow week. We were what we call in the Philippines "punted" all week. Which means no one was available or people would hide from us hahaha. But that's all good, just gotta keep going and keep enjoying.

I have some awesome news though.... You ready?
BROTHER MAX WAS BAPTISED?!  I got a letter from my previous companion Sister Balagso telling me that he got baptised. I cannot explain the joy I felt when I received that letter. I can tell you it is the happiest I have been on my mission! She told me that he was finally able to feel like he had repented properly and he finally felt that he could forgive himself. There was something that had happened in the past that he could never forgive himself for. They found out what it was when I left. It was like 20 years ago. I am incredibly happy that he was able to understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ and what that means for him in his life. That is why I love being a missionary, and that is why I am a missionary. I can help people understand and use the Atonement in their lives. It is the greatest gift. The gift of being able to repent and become clean from the sins we commit. We're not perfect, right? Without the Saviour's sacrifice there is no way we could return back to live with our Heavenly Father again. There is no way we could feel peace in this life. If it weren't for the Atonement we would always feel that guilt, but because of Him, we can be freed from those feelings of guilt and we can change! That is the amazing message we have to share with the world. Sometimes people don't understand they are carrying around those feelings of guilt until we share with them the way to get rid of it. I love the Saviour and I am trying to learn more about Him. I just started doing what President Nelson said in his conference talk. I am reading every scripture that is listed in the topical guide about the Saviour. He said it changed him and I am sure it will do the same to me. We should all try it!

Yesterday wasn't P-day because we had a temple visit today. So yesterday I had my first exchanges as STL. It was awesome! I had an awesome time! The Sister I went with was so kind and we just enjoyed our day together!

On Friday we have MLC (Missionary leadership council) The AP's called yesterday and said me and my companion have to do a workshop for it! I was like what?! Hahaha. At MLC all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders, the AP's and of course President and Sister Koster are there.  I was like oh great that's going to be fun haha. I am just going to go with my motto "fake it till you make it" haha. I am sure it will be fine and I am sure I will learn from it. At least I am continuing to learn how to speak in front of people and to teach others.

On Thursday we will have zone conference. At least we don't have to do a workshop there as well haha. But it's going to be a busy week this week so I am sure I will have more to update you on next week!

2 quotes: "Your world is in your head. Get your head right and your heart will follow, and you will be right." - Lawrence E. Corbridge
"As you work to save others, you save yourself." This is so true, I have experienced it here in my mission :)

Love you all!

ingat kayo palagi and wag kayo maging pasaway ;) (Yung last part ay para sa mga kapatid ko kasi makulit sila)