Monday, 26 June 2017

On the Spot Talk - Week 62

Hey all!

So yesterday was interesting. We got to church and one of the YSA (young single adults) was sick and had a talk for that day. One of the councillors of the bishopric came up to us and said, “one of you will give a talk today”. We both looked at each other with wide eyes hahaha! My companion has already done a talk here so I was like flip I think it will be me. Then Bishop came up to us and said, ”yeah I was in my office and I really felt like Sister Hann should be the speaker”. He was like, “it will be 7 minutes on prayer. You are the first speaker”. I was like huuuuuuuuuuh?!?! So, I sat down. I had 15 minutes before the meeting started to prepare. I just got the definition of prayer from the back of my Book of Mormon. Then I looked up scriptures on prayer. I wrote them down in my planner. When I went up to talk I only had my Book of Mormon and the scriptures I had prepared. I started off by talking about what prayer is. Then I read each scripture and expounded on it. It went well and I felt comfortable as I spoke! It was another time when I have been able to see my progress! I am more comfortable with talking in front of people now and it is more fluent. I also spoke it in Tagalog.  I didn't even have that much time to be nervous which was good hahaha!

This morning we had a sports activity at the chapel. I played some basketball again yaaaay hahaha. I played with some of the young women and YSA hahaha they are awesome. I really like the members here.

There's not a lot to update you on this week This coming week will be busy so I will update some more next week. 

After church on Sunday one of the young men got his mission call. He was called to serve in the Canada mission! He opened it in front of everyone. As he read it everyone started cheering, it was awesome. I remembered the feeling when I opened my mission call! It brought back all those memories!

To end I have a quote for you all :)

"Believe in God and yourself. You are doing better than you think you are."
Sometimes we are way too hard on ourselves.

You are doing awesome!
Keep being awesome and keep doing what you're doing.
We are only ever asked to do our best. 

Love you all! 

Have an awesome week!

Sister Hann 

This was earlier today
When we were playing basketball today
Me and my companion Sister Erasmo

Earlier today

Playing basketball today

Me and my companion Sister Erasmo

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