Monday, 19 June 2017

New Area! Week 61

Hey everyone!

I've had a good week. It's been a bit of a quiet week because we don't have house mates but that's okay. My new companion is Sister Erasmo. We are batch! We entered the field at the same time and we were house mates in my first area! We have been reminiscing on our first transfer and also how far we have come. It's really nice!

We haven't been really busy yet because we aren't doing exchanges yet. I will just get familiar first in our area and then we will do some exchanges. So right now, it hasn't really hit me yet that I am a STL. Which is fine with me haha. But I am excited to work with other Sisters. 

I like my new area! The members are really nice. We have a lot of part members in this area. A part member is an investigator that has someone in their family who is a member. So, we are going to work with them and hopefully they will progress. 

The highlight for me this week was probably yesterday when we taught a new investigator. We started teaching him and his partner about The Restoration. As we taught though we decided to change and just give an overview of The Plan of Salvation. He was talking about how he was the only one left here out of his family. The rest have all died. You could tell he felt lonely and didn't understand why he was left here. We testified to him that we be believe that families can be together forever and that we know he will be able to see his family and be with them forever. We could just see that he was pondering and we could also see the hope in his eyes. I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation because it gives us purpose in this life, it helps us know who we are and also where we will go after this life. I know that it truly gives hope to people! It did for this man.

I also saw someone that I had talked to in Antipolo! We didn't get to teach him because most of the time he was drinking haha but I saw him randomly when we were proselyting. Turns out he has stopped drinking! I was like that's awesome! I sent a message to the missionaries that are in the area now so hopefully they will go and teach him.

We also randomly saw this lady on the street. She was like "sisters, sisters!!" We hadn't met her before so we went up to her and turns out all her kids are members and are active. She moved here 3 months ago but couldn't find missionaries or the church.  We were walking past as she walked out of her house. Great timing, right? The Lord truly is in charge of the work!

Sorry, this is a bit short. But yeah, I continue to see miracles every day. It is so awesome! I hope you are all doing well and being awesome. 

Love you all!! 

Sister Hann

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