Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Hey Everyone! Week 60.

Hey everyone!

This has been a busy busy week! But it has been a great week!

So, Monday last week we had a zone activity. We played lots of games so that was fun. Then on Tuesday after our district meetings we went and did a zone finding activity in the area of some of the missionaries in the zone. It was good and it continues to bring our zone closer and more united! It’s good when you all work together and help each other!  That afternoon we also had another shift at the Missionary Training Centre as hosts. That was also fun. Us missionaries are all stationed throughout the new buildings of the MTC. As the tours come past we just explain what is there etc. It was a fun experience! When no one is coming through for the tour we just relax and chat and sometimes pull out a dance move. Haha!

On Wednesday we had an awesome lesson with Brother Max. As I said last week, his problem is with repentance. He wants to change, but he doesn't know how to get rid of that guilt and the heavy feeling he has. Our Ward Mission Leader came with us and we focused on repentance and the Atonement. Our lesson was amazing. The spirit was so strong! At one point we saw tears in his eyes. He continues to say he wants to change. We know that as he continues to repent he will continue to feel the wait lifting off his shoulders. Near the end of the lesson I was flicking through my Book of Mormon. At the back I had stuck a quote there. I can't remember it word for word but this is the gist of it "Why do you want to pay for your sins when the Saviour already has. He is standing at the door knocking. Let it go, give it to Him." So that's not all of it but you get the gist of it. I saw it and I secretly put the quote in the front of Brother Max's Book of Mormon. That night I had the prompting to text him and tell him it was there (before I just wanted him to find it). He text saying thank you so much. The next time I went back to see him he said that heavy feeling he was feeling has now lowered because of the quote that I had given him. I am so glad that it could help him. I am so glad that he is beginning to understand what Jesus Christ has done for us and how through Him, we can be clean from our sins and that guilt can be swept away. I love Brother Max! He is so kind! 

On Friday we had our last shift at the MTC. I was in the gym again (start of the tour). When they first come in they take a picture with a backdrop of places in the Philippines. I was stationed there to take pictures. It was fun and me and Sister Tio (we were both stationed there) took a few secret selfies on their phones hahaha. I am really grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the open house for the MTC. It was so much fun and it was great to see the desire of the young men and young women to serve a mission increase. The MTC is soooo nice! It was funny. One guy came through and obviously he was amazed at how nice the MTC is. As he walked past me he was like "The church is true" Hahaha I laughed so hard!

On Saturday we had a baptism in the morning and then MTC exchanges in the afternoon. Busy day. The baptism was successful, even after a few complications and the MTC exchanges was good too. I was with a Samoan, but she is from Sydney! It was awesome to hear the Aussie accent again and here the Aussie slang haha. We had a good time! 

On Sunday we were all at Aurora chapel because there was a broadcast.  Brother Max came and Brother Jun. President Koster also came. The last one to speak in the broadcast was Elder Bednar. His talk was amazing. At the end of his talk he bore his testimony and it was so strong. We turned to look at Brother Max and he had tears in his eyes! Brother Max is really progressing, we know he continues to feel the spirit often. After the broadcast, we introduced him to President Koster. They talked and then President turns to us and says that the 4 missionaries in the ward will now become 2. He turned to me and said I was transferring and then turned to Sister Balagso and said she would be staying. Then he was like I will call you tonight. I just blinked. It took me a few seconds to process what he said hahaha because he just said it out of the blue! My companion has been here longer than me so I was shocked. So later that night he called us. We were in a lesson so he texts us saying to tell him when he could call. He called us after the lesson. My companion answered and then she gave me the phone. President then told me I would be called as a Sister Training Leader. I was like really President? Haha. I was shocked. He said, "Sister Hann, whom the Lord calls He qualifies." I didn't really say much because I was stressed haha but it's okay. He just said inspire the Sisters and teach them to be obedient. I was like well I can do that haha.  I am stressed but I am excited to work with different Sisters and see what I can learn from them. When President told me one of the first things I thought of was "I need to wash my clothes" hahahaha. So, they are all washed now. I did it yesterday. After I email I am going home to pack. Ahhh new adventures ahead! I am excited.

Earlier we met as a zone and we had another draft pick hahahahah. Our zone leader is crazy. He made it again like the NBA draft pick.  Those that are being transferred are picked. At least I was drafted this transfer. He was the commissioner and another Elder was the host hahahaha It was so funny. Our zone has been doing awesome because we've united and we've become excited for the work. Our zone leader said to me, “you can do it! Just bring that fire to Marikina and inspire and excite the Sisters”. I was like, “okay, that's something I can do”. I am so grateful for the miracles I have seen in this area! I am sad to leave, especially Brother Max, but I know there is other work for me to do in my new area. 

That's all for now. Continue being awesome!! 

I think I am about to get really busy this next transfer haha. 

Love you all!

Sister Hann

P.S. I am sorry if my grammar is bad or whatever, I don't have time to proof read this.

Brother Max on the right in the yellow and Brother Jun on the left
Draft pick
Those that are being drafted haha


Brother Max on the right in the yellow and Brother Jun on the left

Draft pick

Those that are being drafted haha

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