Monday, 8 May 2017

Hi - Week 55

Hey everyone!

So, it's been a reasonably slow week but that's okay another week is ahead.

Haha last week I forgot to tell you. Our zone went to one of the chapels so we could all find out the transfers together (normally the zone leaders just call). But we all play basketball every week so we just decided to find out there. It was so funny though. One of our zone leaders did it like a draft pick. He said, "Welcome everyone to the Philippines Quezon City Draft Pick, 2nd May 2017" Haha we did it in the chapel. He was like, “okay first I will tell you the team you will go to and then I will announce who it is.” So, he then announced the area they were transferring to and then who was transferring. He then got them to go up to the pulpit with him and talk about how they felt, just like the draft pick in the NBA hahahaha. To those of us who didn't transfer he was like, “okay sorry to those who didn't get drafted this year, keep practicing and you'll get there.” Hahahah we laughed so hard. It was a fun way to do it :)

So, our cool experience for this week. We went to go back to a new family we had found. It was so good because they were both free. We started to teach Lesson 2 to them. As we started a lady came down from upstairs... she had been listening and wanted to join. Turns out she was so good! She is a Christian and so she has a great understanding of the doctrine. She said, “Okay I am going to come to your church on Sunday. I am interested to know more.” I was like Hahahah because most people aren't like that! You almost have to drag them to church on Sunday. Hahaha just joking. But it is not easy. So, we are excited for her to progress! She is very smart and has a great understanding. 

I continue to see the progress in myself. I am learning a lot. I am learning to be confident even when I don't feel like it. Sometimes it is hard because even though I enjoy being loud with those I am comfortable with, I am still shy when I am not comfortable. So, I continue to learn how to just be confident, to talk to random people and also to speak in Tagalog. FINALLY, when I talk to people they are shocked and they say, “wow magaling ka magtagalog" which means, "wow you are very good at Tagalog." I literally never thought I would get to this point. I don't understand everything of course, but most of the time I do. I can communicate with people and I love it. Some days I struggle more than other days, some lessons are better than others, but I have come a long way.

Heavenly Father will always help us and help us to improve ourselves. One reason we are on this earth to progress and become more like Him. He will help us do it! It is not easy but it is worth it. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLAAAAAAAAAAAA YOU’RE SO OLD!!!! Stop growing I feel like I am 50 years old now! Love you, you crazy woman


Love you all! Have a great week!!


I didn't take any this week but here are some random ones from last week

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