Monday, 15 May 2017

Hello Again - Week 56

Hey everyone! 

This week was an awesome week. On Tuesday, we had a zone activity. Everyone came and did finding in our area and the area of our house mates. It was so good! I am grateful for our zone. They are awesome and we are all working hard to help each other progress! We had a miracle as well as we were doing this activity. Me and my companion went to the furthest part of our area. As we were walking this guy said hi to us so I stopped and started talking to him. We continued to have a conversation with him and he told us about how he wants to change. He was in to drugs before but we saw how much he wants to change! He was such a nice guy! Before we started the activity as a zone we set goals. We set that we would find 15 investigators and extend 2 bap dates. I was like flip how are we going to extend 2 bap dates if we are just talking to people on the street. Anyway, as we were saying goodbye to this guy the spirit was like to me 'extend a bap date' at this point we were shaking hands so I was like flip how am I gonna do this. We started walking away and I was like to my companion I felt like we should have extended a bap date. She was like why didn’t you say anything. I said because it was as we were saying goodbye that the thought came into my mind. I was like let’s go back. As we went back to him we started talking again. We extended a bap date to him and guess what? he accepted! I was so shocked my eyes started getting teary hahaha. We haven’t had anyone that has been accepting bap dates and then bam out of nowhere this happened! We were so happy after that experience!

We had 5 investigators at church!!
For the past like 5 weeks we have had 0. Yesterday was a miracle! So, we had one family and a sister that lives with that family, and then another investigator from a different area. We were supposed to have 6 but the guy I was just talking about in my story before... he got lost on the way to church!!!!! :( I was like nooooo! But it's okay, next week :) We have been seeing so many miracles in our area! Everyone says that in the city it is so hard, the work is so hard and no one progresses. As a zone, we are removing these false limitations by working hard and being obedient. President always says: Faith in Jesus Christ + obedience= Miracles :) And it is true!!

I love missionary work and I am so happy right now.

Sorry, running out of time -__-

Love you all and keep being awesome!

Sister Hann

P.s I can’t send photos this week. Sorry!!

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