Tuesday, 28 March 2017

New Area - Week 49

Hi everyone!

So, I am emailing today because we just went to the temple earlier :) It was soo good!

So tomorrow it will have been 1 week that I have been in my new area. It is different for sure! It is really in the city so there is so much pollution :( My other area was really nice! There was mountains and it was like a province (look up what that means, it is hard to explain haha). Here is a different story. I feel like I've breathed in enough pollution to last me a lifetime hahaha. But it is actually nice cause we are close to our mission office. Where our mission office is, is actually also the biggest chapel here. It's where we have all the zone conferences and stuff. Anyway, so I came here on Wednesday and I was SO EXHAUSTED! I hadn't had much sleep for like 2 days. One night my companion was struggling with something and then the next night I was packing. (I HATE PACKING). Ughhh it was not good. I got to my new area and I just wanted to sleep. But of course there is no time to rest hahaha. We did some planning and study and then we went out to work. I slept so well that night though. Then Thursday and Friday we had service at Aurora chapel (the big one I just told you about). We were packing school supplies in bags for children who don't have enough money to buy school supplies. We had to pack 30,000 bags! It was crazy! But it was so much fun because you got to talk to different missionaries in a relaxed setting :) I was talking to so many Aussies, it was awesome hahaha :) So both of my zone leaders are Aussies haha and one of them transferred here with me and we came from the same zone. He is awesome. He calls me "Hazza" Hahahaha He's always like "Hazza mate, how are ya?"

So, my new companion is Sister Balagso. She is a Filipino yaaaaaaaaaaaay It is definitely helping me with the language! I just said please speak to me in Tagalog all the time haha. She wants to learn English as well so we are going to help each other :) And it's great because we get along really well :) It makes it 100 x easier if you get along with your companion! Oh, btw the Bishop here is so rich! We just went out for lunch because it is our kabahays birthday and we went to this all you can eat restaurant and it was AMAZING! It was weird. I didn't even feel like I was on my mission because we seriously do not have enough money for that. I was like did I just die and land in heaven! It was that nice! There was so much candy. I was in heaven. But now I am so full. Don't worry, I will be fed very well here.

The area is pretty hard. We don't really have progressing investigators. There are some good investigators but there is always a problem that is stopping them from being able to be baptised.  It's hard! But all my areas have been like this and so I have learnt to just be positive and work hard :) So I know that if we work hard we will see miracles!!!! And even though they have been hard (my other areas), I have still been able to witness plenty of people being baptised and I have also been able to be a part of teaching people the gospel. I LOVE THE PEOPLE HEREEEEE!!!!! I cannot even begin to explain to you the impact these people have had on my life :) 

Sorry I can't send pictures this week, I left my cord at the computer shop in my other area. I am going to buy a card reader at some stage so it's all good :)

Love you all! That's all for this week, I have run out of time. But yeah, this week we will be finding more people to teach and trying to help this area progress!

Love you all! Take care and if you want a good read... read 1 Nephi 13 :)

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