Monday, 6 March 2017

5 months na ako sa isang area - Week 46

So, I just realised I wrote the title of this in Tagalog without noticing. You know the longer I am in the mission the harder it is to type in straight English. There is actually an American that lives here and he goes to church in the ward. (We are the branch). And I saw him on Sunday and we spoke English but it was so hard for me to speak straight English. It sounded weird! I am in the same house as an American sister but we always speak a mix of Tagalog and English... Sometimes it's mostly English but there will be a Tagalog word here and there. I am interested to see what it will be like when I come home and I have to speak straight English haha.

So, the title of this email means that I have been 5 months in one area. I was looking at my old planners the other day and I saw that I came here on October 5 and yesterday was March 5. I have been here for so long! But it's okay, I continue to do the best that I can and work hard :) I learn new things every day.

Earlier we had a district activity. With 2 districts in our zone. It was fun :) We went hiking. I have pictures but I forgot to bring my cord :( I thought we were going home first but we came straight to the computer shop after the activity. I have pictures I want to show you :( But I think it will just have to wait till next week. 

There's not really much to update on right now. We are struggling to find progressing investigators. We have one, his name is Cyrus and his parents are less active (I think I may have told you about him), anyway, he is ready but they are not coming to church :( It is hard. I love that kid like my own little brother. I told him I would come back and visit and we would do some cool stuff and he seemed excited haha :) 

My mind is not with it right now, I can't even remember what happened this week. I don't think anything overly eventful happened. We continue to FIND FIND FIND! Always finding new investigators. I am learning to just talk to random people. It's actually fun and I have had some good experiences and good talks with people :) And when they don't want to listen to us and if they're rude, we just laugh :) It's funny but if someone tells me the church is not true... or the Book of Mormon or whatever it may be, it just strengthens my testimony :) That might sound weird but every time they say it I just have this desire to defend the church and the Book of Mormon. 

I have already said this before but I have noticed it again this week. The worldly things will never give us true happiness. I love being in the mission. Yes, it is hard but I am away from the worldly things. Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ will give us true happiness. Jesus Christ is at the centre of it all. He is my only hope talaga. I am nervous to go home to the worldly things. I am happy I still have 8 months pa. I will make the most of it and gain as much as I can from it. I know I'll struggle, but it'll all be worth it :) Just don't forget what is truly important. I remember this quote. it says: "Hell won't be fire and brimstone, it will be seeing who we were in the pre-existence and then knowing we gave that up for the things of the world." Ouch right? But it is true. You are much more than you think you are. 

Love you all! Hopefully my email will be better next week!

Sister Hann

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