Monday, 20 February 2017

In 2 days it will be 10 months in the mission - Week 44


On Wednesday, it will be 10 months in the mission. That truly is scary. But I won't think about that haha. I still have plenty of time :) 

So, we didn't have a baptism last Saturday. It will be this Saturday instead. All the auxillary leaders were busy :( But that's okay, it will be this Saturday nalang :) It is the anak of our recent covert. I just love seeing our recent convert testify to her daughter about the lessons! It shows us that she really is converted :)

So, this morning we played basketball at the stake centre. So, good! It was like half of our zone. Or maybe 3/4 of them. Last night the other sisters came home and said "did the district leader call you? We are playing basketball tomorrow." I was like WHAT!? Because they have banned zone activities. So, I thought they were lying. Then the zone leaders called a bit later and said we had permission from President and I was like YAAAAAAAY! Hahaha it may seem over the top but when you can't just go and play basketball whenever you want it is so good :) I realised here how much I actually love basketball and I noticed it is like my outlet from stress. It helps me talaga! 

I just want to explain one thing. We have this investigator. He is actually what we call a part member which means someone in his family is a member but he is not baptised yet. He is 9 years old. His name is Cyrus. His parents are less active so he didn't get baptised at 8. I've become quite close with them! I really made a connection with them and I am so glad :) I thought I was going to transfer pero I didn't. They knew the transfer day was coming up as well. So, after the transfer we went to visit again. Cyrus is pretty quiet but when he saw me he said "SISTER HANN" and then he ran inside and I heard him say "Sister Hann Sister Hann, nandito pa siya." Which means "She is still here." Oh, my heart hahaha. It was so cute! We are really working on re-activating his parents! They said they were going to come this week but they didn't :( I was disappointed talaga! But we have plans for him to be baptised next month so he needs to come! I really hope they will. I will do everything I can hahaha. I really love the family!

Anyway, sorry, that is all for now.

Love you all!!!

"Oh, be wise, what can I say more?" I love this scripture hehe. Jacob 6:12

PS. Sorry for bits of Tagalog. I am tired and I can't be bothered making it English


We played basketball this morning (just part of our zone, not everyone came)
A recent convert :)
siya ulit,
I ate balut again at a member’s house

We played basketball this morning (just part of our zone, not everyone came)

A recent convert

Siya Ulit

I ate Balut (fertilised duck egg) again

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