Tuesday, 7 February 2017

I'm Staying hahahaha!

Helllooo :)

So, turns out I am staying in my area and my companion is transferring! Weird! But it happens sometimes. This will be my 4th transfer here. But I am just trusting in the Lord and I will do what He wants me to do :) 

So there really is not much to update you on....

We had our baptism the other week and now we are preparing her daughter for baptism. It would have been better if they were baptised together but her daughter was not there for a lot of the lessons we taught her Mum. She is 8 years old but she is bright :) Last night we went to teach her. Her and her Mum were sitting on the couch together... At the end of the lesson her Mum was explaining to her about Joseph Smith and she was sharing her testimony. Her daughter was just staring up at her face. Ahhh I wanted to take a photo of it! It was so cute! And I really felt the Spirit! 

Yeah I actually don't know what else to say.. Sorry that this has been a really short email but this week has not been very exciting.

I will update you all more next week! :)

Love you!!!

Sister Hann 

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