Monday, 27 February 2017

Hi Everyone! Week 45

Hi everyone!

This week has been an eventful one. We had zone conference, a baptism and a broadcast from Elder Bednar!

Tuesday, we had zone conference at the mission home. Just my zone. We also had interviews with President. It used to be that one transfer we would have conference, the next would be interviews but now every transfer we have both so President is trying to figure out a way he can work out everything. So, that was good! My interview was good. When I walked out of his office he said.. Sister Hann, keep that great smile and great free throw... and yes one day you will beat me." hahahaha! Cause I told him I would beat him in a free throw contest one day.

We had the baptism of Francine. She is 8. So it was an interesting one, let me tell you why. We got there about half an hour early and our branch mission leader was already there to fill up the water in the font. Then I had this feeling to call her mum. So I called her and she was like is it okay if we just have the baptism in the afternoon, we are not ready and I have so many things to do. I was like AHHHHHHHHH! I said to her we can't, there are so many activities on today and no one can attend the baptism later, it needs to be now. (I had called her the night before to make sure everything was okay for tomorrow btw). I thought she wasn't going to come! I said just get ready now and come, there are people here already. I literally stayed on the phone with them while they got ready because I was worried they wouldn't come hahaha and I wanted to know when they had left. So, they left and it was all good. They came but they were like 45 minutes late. So of course, I was stressed. Then it starts and I am just like oh thank goodness. We get to the baptism part and she goes around and they open the doors to the font and I look in the mirror at the top and I am like hmm it's like there's no water in the font. Then I look at the branch mission leader who was looking in the font with his eyes wide open. So I got up and came close and I was like :O :O :O there's no water in the font!!! HAHA!!! It had drained!!!!! I was like seriously?!?! It was okay because we all just laughed about it and waited while it filled up again. So, it's okay it was all successful but maaaaaaaaaaaan I was so stressed that day hahaha. I was like oh no Satan you are not stopping this baptism if it's the last thing I do. 

I had two experiences talking to people this week that I thought was interesting. One time was a tricycle driver. We started talking to him as we were going to a part of our area to work and he knew a lot about us. He talked about the Book of Mormon and asked a bit about it. I testified that I knew that it was true, that it was comparable with the Bible so that we can more fully understand the doctrine. I explained how there are so many different religions who interpret the Bible differently and so we need the Book of Mormon to support it and show us the fullness of the gospel. I said all this and then he was like "There is no relation between the Bible and the Book of Mormon." I was like really? Then it sounded like it was going to turn into a debate and so we just stopped. He was nice enough so it was okay... But later I was thinking if only you had read the Book of Mormon you would see that it relates SO much to the Bible! That's why there are so many religions! Because people use their own knowledge to interpret the Bible and they don't understand it! That's also why we need prophets, to help us understand scripture (I feel like I am starting to teach lesson 1 haha). So many people say things about the Book of Mormon but they don't read it and give it the chance! The ONLY way we will know if it is truly the word of God.. is if we read and pray about it. I always say to people.. "The Book of Mormon is not our 'Bible'.. because we believe in the Bible.. But it supports the Bible and helps us understand the fullness of the gospel and the doctrine of Christ." We need another testament of Christ.. and that is what the Book of Mormon is. I am glad I could share my beliefs with that man :) 

We also had another man tell us that he has 8 religions and he said "Oh yeah I am a Mormon too".. That was an interesting conversation.. we just laughed afterwards :P
Yeah so that's all for now. There's probably more but my mind has gone blank because I am hungry :P I think later we will go buy our food and then sleeeeeeep :D yaaaaaaaaaay! Although sometimes I can't sleep on p-day.. I always have something I am thinking about.. but let's hope I can later. 

Love you all! Have a great week! 

Moroni 7:33

And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me.

Sister Hann

Francine was baptised!
I love her pose here.
Travelling home after our zone conference.
We are teaching this boy his name is Cryus.. his parents are members but less active so he wasn't baptised at 8.. he is the one I said last week who said "Sister Hann Sister Hann! She's still here!" I love him :) 


Francine- I love her pose

Sister Hann and companion Sister Tokamaen

Cyrus - I love him.

Monday, 20 February 2017

In 2 days it will be 10 months in the mission - Week 44


On Wednesday, it will be 10 months in the mission. That truly is scary. But I won't think about that haha. I still have plenty of time :) 

So, we didn't have a baptism last Saturday. It will be this Saturday instead. All the auxillary leaders were busy :( But that's okay, it will be this Saturday nalang :) It is the anak of our recent covert. I just love seeing our recent convert testify to her daughter about the lessons! It shows us that she really is converted :)

So, this morning we played basketball at the stake centre. So, good! It was like half of our zone. Or maybe 3/4 of them. Last night the other sisters came home and said "did the district leader call you? We are playing basketball tomorrow." I was like WHAT!? Because they have banned zone activities. So, I thought they were lying. Then the zone leaders called a bit later and said we had permission from President and I was like YAAAAAAAY! Hahaha it may seem over the top but when you can't just go and play basketball whenever you want it is so good :) I realised here how much I actually love basketball and I noticed it is like my outlet from stress. It helps me talaga! 

I just want to explain one thing. We have this investigator. He is actually what we call a part member which means someone in his family is a member but he is not baptised yet. He is 9 years old. His name is Cyrus. His parents are less active so he didn't get baptised at 8. I've become quite close with them! I really made a connection with them and I am so glad :) I thought I was going to transfer pero I didn't. They knew the transfer day was coming up as well. So, after the transfer we went to visit again. Cyrus is pretty quiet but when he saw me he said "SISTER HANN" and then he ran inside and I heard him say "Sister Hann Sister Hann, nandito pa siya." Which means "She is still here." Oh, my heart hahaha. It was so cute! We are really working on re-activating his parents! They said they were going to come this week but they didn't :( I was disappointed talaga! But we have plans for him to be baptised next month so he needs to come! I really hope they will. I will do everything I can hahaha. I really love the family!

Anyway, sorry, that is all for now.

Love you all!!!

"Oh, be wise, what can I say more?" I love this scripture hehe. Jacob 6:12

PS. Sorry for bits of Tagalog. I am tired and I can't be bothered making it English


We played basketball this morning (just part of our zone, not everyone came)
A recent convert :)
siya ulit,
I ate balut again at a member’s house

We played basketball this morning (just part of our zone, not everyone came)

A recent convert

Siya Ulit

I ate Balut (fertilised duck egg) again

Monday, 13 February 2017

My New Companion - Week 43

Hellooooo everyone :) 

I've had a really good week! I love my new companion Sister Tokamaen! She has struggles with English and Tagalog, pero she is SO good! She just goes and talks to people.. and in the lesson, she does not let it hold her back. She is a great example to me! And she really has helped lessen the stress that I have been feeling in this area. I am now enjoying it again. I really wanted to transfer last transfer but now I am feeling like I don't want to transfer! I realised how much I love the people here! I have built a good relationship with the members!

Oh, yeah on Saturday we had an interview for the daughter of our recent convert because she will be baptised this Saturday. Anyway, we were waiting at the chapel for her and for the district leader. While we were waiting, the young men and Elders Quorum were playing basketball.. they have just started a tournament. Anyway, they were like... "Sister Hann have a shot." I had a shot.. 2 actually hehe. The first one missed and then the second one swished and they all cheered hahaha. I was like NOOOOO this is making me miss basketball even more :P 

I love our recent convert Jackie. Yesterday she shared her testimony with us and how she is so happy she is now in the church and how she is happy her children can now grow up being close to Heavenly Father. I was just sitting there smiling and thinking of her future and the future of her children. As a missionary, I now always think about their future and how great it will be now they have the gospel in their life! 

So, I had this experience the other day. Well 2 actually. We were exploring part of our area... It's like the bush talaga! So, at first we were walking and we came to this part that looked like someone had planted heaps of things (I don't know what). I was like wait lang is this private property. Then we kept walking and I looked and saw this dog. It was barking. I didn't think much about it because there are so many dogs here. It was pretty far away as well. Then we kept walking and it kept barking. Then I had this weird feeling about it. I was like man this seems like a guard dog! It was just sitting there and not moving and barking really loudly. I don't know why but it just seemed weird to me, and I had a weird feeling. So I was like to my companion.. hmmm I think we should go. Then we started walking back and the dog started walking. And another one came out of nowhere! I was like oh c'mon I don't want to die today. Then it started coming faster. So I was like ohhhhh nooo and I started walking fast and I was about to start running.. My companion was like don't run!!! So, I didn't but I fast walked haha. Then we turned the corner and we both started running! Hahaha it was so funny :')

Then about 3 minutes later we were walking still walking and we turned down this other way and then I heard this vicious dog. I couldn't see it but I heard it.. Then I was like okaaaaaaaaaaay.. let's go.. So, we went and we turned the corner. All of a sudden I heard it coming.. As I turned around I saw it come out of nowhere and basically jump at me.. as it jumped at me it was suddenly like it hit a wall and it turned around and disappeared out of sight! I was like what just happened?!?! Because it happened so fast! Then I was pondering it afterwards and I was like.. Yep I was protected just then!!! There are so many stray dogs here but you just walk past them and they don't do anything. But this one you could just tell was vicious. I was like thank you Heavenly Father! I was kept safe for sure :)

I feel like as a missionary you have to have an interesting experience with a dog haha :P



That's all for now!

Love you all!

Sister Hann

I thought I would share another experience here that Sister Hann shared with me (her mum). I had shared with her an experience I had on Sunday at church where a Sister missionary, who was from Taiwan, gave a 15 minute talk in sacrament meeting in English after only being out of the missionary training centre for 3 weeks.

The gift of tongues is SOOOO real! I had this experience a few weeks ago, that I forgot to share. I guess this is the interpretation of tongues but still... So my house mate sister Tio.. She was just talking to me and sharing a story.. At the end I finally realised that she spoke in Tagalog the whole time.. but I understood it like someone was talking to me in English. After she finished I was just like.. woah... I understood everything she just said and I didn't have to focus really hard on what she was saying. Sometimes also in lessons I will say words that I've only heard once but it comes out fluently! Ahh the gift of tongues is real for sure! BUT we still have to "labour, and struggle and do ALL we can to learn the language." That's what they  told us in the MTC!

1.     My new companion,
2.     We have such a nice area!
3.     Just before transfer day we went to cloud 9 as a district.
4.     Sister Tio looks scared hehe,
5      These are the children of Sister Jackie our recent convert.

My new companion

We have such a beautiful area

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 - Sis Tio looks scared

Sister Jackie's children

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

I'm Staying hahahaha!

Helllooo :)

So, turns out I am staying in my area and my companion is transferring! Weird! But it happens sometimes. This will be my 4th transfer here. But I am just trusting in the Lord and I will do what He wants me to do :) 

So there really is not much to update you on....

We had our baptism the other week and now we are preparing her daughter for baptism. It would have been better if they were baptised together but her daughter was not there for a lot of the lessons we taught her Mum. She is 8 years old but she is bright :) Last night we went to teach her. Her and her Mum were sitting on the couch together... At the end of the lesson her Mum was explaining to her about Joseph Smith and she was sharing her testimony. Her daughter was just staring up at her face. Ahhh I wanted to take a photo of it! It was so cute! And I really felt the Spirit! 

Yeah I actually don't know what else to say.. Sorry that this has been a really short email but this week has not been very exciting.

I will update you all more next week! :)

Love you!!!

Sister Hann