Monday, 30 January 2017

We Had a Baptism Week 41

Hi all!

We had a baptism on Saturday. The Sister was someone who has been an investigator for 3 years. I love her so much and also her children. She is a single mother. I think I talked about her a week or so ago. I have seen her faith increase and it is great :) 

We just had our 'celestial p-day' at the mission home. It was awesome. I played basketball hehe. We had a free-throw contest. 2 elders, 2 sisters and President played. It came down to me and President Koster hahahaa. He beat me though :( He's so good at basketball! It was fun :) There were two Australian Elders there. One from Perth one from Melbourne. Everyone was trying to copy our accent. Cause it's the best ;) We ate pizza and brownies as well. HEAVEN :) 

SO, OUR SCHEDULE HAS CHANGED! SO WEIRD! We don't plan in the evening... we plan in the morning and besides personal study, we can choose when we want to do our studies. We can adjust to best suit our schedule. It's flippen weird. But it's also awesome! They say one reason is to help us to be flexible with our schedule so when we go home we won't have such a hard time adjusting. Which I understand because the first day we started it I was like, oh no... when are we going to do our studies. it's not as structured as before. Structure is good for me haha but I know this will be good for me too :) So yeah, we found this out on Friday. We had a missionary broadcast and then we had zone conference after that :) 

So, let's just say I am learning a lot about patience and humility still. I am really improving and really becoming more humble. Heavenly Father knew for sure that I needed help there haha. So, he's giving me chances this transfer to do so. 

That's really all for this week. Sorry it's not much. Next week I will email on Tuesday because it is transfer week. I will let you know if I am going anywhere :) 

Have a great week! Love you all!

Sister Hann


1. Jackie at her baptism!
2. I caught Jackie just staring at this picture.
3. One of the missionaries who is going home... I was the first missionary she did an
    exchange with.
4. This is a board in the mission home... ALL the missionaries are here and where they are
    assigned. I took this picture earlier when we were there.
5. This next picture is of a verse that is on the wall when you come into the mission home.
6. At the broadcast/zone conference.

Jackie at her baptism.

I caught Jackie just staring at this picture.

One of the missionaries who is going home. I was the first missionaryshe did an exchange with.

This is a board in the mission home. All the missionaries are here and the areathey are assigned to.

A verse that is on the wall as you come into the mission home

At the Broadcast - Zone Conference

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