Monday, 16 January 2017

Hello My Dear Friends and Family - Week 39

Hello my dear friends and family. 

The other day I was so stressed I almost exploded haha. One thing I am learning here is how to deal with stress! Which I guess is a good thing... because life is stress haha and I will have to learn to deal with it because I will continue to experience it after my mission. I can see how I have improved though because I am dealing with quite a few stressful things at once. Back home, if I even had one stress I would just go and watch Harry Potter or something and just try to avoid it. But here I have to face the stresses head on. It is a good challenge. It is just not good at the time I am experiencing all the stress.

On a good note. We have a baptism coming up on the 28th of January. It is a lady called Jackie. She is about 34 years old, she has 4 children and her husband left her a few years ago for another woman -__- She is so strong now though and I can see how her faith in Heavenly Father has helped her face this challenge that she has experienced. It has helped her have hope for her life instead of just focusing on what he did. She has been an investigator for 3 years. Finally, she is ready :) It is so good. She has trouble coming to church sometimes and investigators have to come to church at least 4 times before they get baptised (to show they really have that desire and really are committed because we don't want them to fall away after baptism). We were having trouble previously getting her to come to church. She was on and off. There are members who live close to her... who actually referred her and they have a car. (Sometimes Jackie doesn't have enough money to come to church). So, we organised for these members to take her to church. She said she will only go with them if she really doesn't have money to get there. So, last week she came with them and I was like YESSS my plan worked and helped her to come! If people are ready, Heavenly Father will provide a way for them to come unto Him :) We've also helped her stop drinking coffee. Ahhh I love her and her children, even if sometimes they are a bit crazy haha.

We have this less-active family we have really started to focus on. Their son is 9 years old but he is not baptised yet because they are less-active. I really see the desire of the father to come back to church, his wife not so much. They have challenges with money because the father is struggling to find a stable job. His wife is a teacher at a Catholic school. Sometimes I struggle on how I can help these people who don't have the money to come to church. But we are just trying to follow the spirit and hopefully we can help them. I believe He will guide and direct us so we can help them. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICAH FOR SATURDAY!!! You are so old but that's okay :) Hehe. I hope you have an AMAZING day! Everyone be nice to him on Saturday okay, every other day, don't worry you can do whatever you want haha :) 

Our zone, the photo is a bit wonky but oh well everyone fit haha
A random cow in our area, yesterday at church...
This is my zone leader from my first area.. his aunty is in our branch and so he has come back to visit her and also his areas here in the mission. He went home last November.. We took a picture with sister Tio (they are from the same place) and it's like a Taytay reunion cause we were all in Taytay zone at the same time.

My Zone

A random cow yesterday at church

Left is my first zone leader who finished is mission in November. He came back to visit his mission and his aunty who is in my branch. Right is Sister Tio who was in the Tay Tay Zone at the same time as us. A Tay Tay Zone reunion.

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