Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - Week 36

So, last week on Thursday we had a Christmas conference. It was really fun! So, each zone had to prepare a 10 minute skit. Ours was about a family who the parents were converts but the children weren't, the missionaries come to teach the children and they teach them about the conversion story of Alma the Younger. We acted out that story as well. I was the angel who stops Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah. It was funny because when they said "An angel appeared to Alma" I was standing on a chair and one of the Elders who was Alma turns around and shoots me with a nerf gun!!! Then I stretched out my hand and they all fell down. It was awesome haha. Like 2 minutes before we were going to do the skit this Elder comes up to me and says "so I am going to shoot you with a nerf gun.. don't react okay, the effect will be better." I was like oooooohhhhh okay no worries mate hahahahaha!! It was a fun day :)

Sunday of course I called my family!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D That was the best! It made my Christmas! Christmas was for sure different for me this year... But that's okay because I am here serving the Lord :) I will be home for next Christmas as well so no worries!!! It showed me how much I love my family and how I am so blessed!!!! And I am happy that we can live together forever after this life, thanks to the Gospel! 

I don't know yet if I will be transferring. The zone leaders haven't received the list yet. I don't feel like I will be transferred though. I guess I will let you all know next week!

I don't think I really have much to update you on. Our work continues to be hard in this area. But we are finding new people to teach! The hard part is just sometimes they don't progress. We meet them and teach Lesson 1 but then sometimes it doesn't progress further. We will keep trying and keep talking to new people so that we can find that person who is really prepared for the Gospel.

Wait actually last night we had an awesome lesson! We have this one investigator that I have only taught 2 times. She has been an investigator for SO long!!! But it is because she is so busy. The Sisters before had taught all the lessons to her but she was just so busy so she wasn't coming to church. Last night was the second time I've taught her and I love her! She is 23 and she is SO prepared for the gospel! She has a baby girl but she is not married. Her partner left before her baby was born :( The first time I taught her she talked a lot about repentance and how she wants to prepare herself and she wants to be worthy to partake of the Sacrament. I was so surprised that even as an investigator she feels the importance of partaking of the Sacrament worthily. Last night she talked about how she prepares herself every night so that she is ready when the Saviour comes again or if for some reason she would die the next day. She says she repents every day. She is so amazing! The problem is church. She truly is so busy and she has these studies or something that she has all day on Sundays. We talked together and we said that we will continue to pray for her so she can have an opportunity to come to church. Hopefully we can see some miracles there. She is so
great! She is very intelligent. We committed her to continue to read the Book of Mormon, even if she cannot come to church right now. Ahhh great lesson :)

Anyway, that is all for now. I have attached some pictures too.
SO, FOR SOME REASON MY PHOTOS FROM THE CHRISTMAS CONFERENCE ARE NOT HERE!!!!!! I am going to go and recover them later. I know somewhere where it is possible so hopefully it will be fine. I don't know what is happening!! Some of these pictures are not updated haha.

The first picture is me and my Nanay.
Next my zone here in Antipolo.
Then it is me and my companion at church.
The next shows us as a mission 'family'. The Elder is the district leader so it is my Anak's Tatay (her father) hahaha and same with our housemates who are in the picture too. Technically he then is my husband because I am my Anak’s Nanay (mother) but Sister Koster says "NO NO NO NO NO!!!! There are NO relationships in the mission! You can talk about having a mum, dad, children but you CANNOT have husbands and wives." Hahahahaha she is funny!
Next is a sister in our zone. She is from Hawaii.
Then last photo is of me with Krizzy!  She is the one who got baptised (I look terrible here).


Sister Hann! 

Me and my Nanay

My Zone here in Antipolo

Mission Family - My Anak and housemates Taytay

Me and my companion (Anak)

Another Sister Missionary - She is from Hawaii

Me and Krizzy - She was baptised recently

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