Monday, 19 December 2016

Hey Everyone - Week 35

Hey everyone!

So, this week Elder Bowen came to speak to us. It was AMAZING! I felt the Spirit so strong! He talked a lot about who we are. He talked about the scattering and gathering of Israel and all of that stuff. He also talked about the oath and covenant of the Priesthood, and all the covenants we make. He wanted us to know who we really are because he said: "When you know who you are, you act accordingly." It is so true, I know a lot more about who I am from what he said and it helps me act better and act accordingly. It also helps me be a better missionary. He challenged us to talk to 30 people a day. Not just talk to them, but to do an overview or to testify to them about the Restoration. I haven't reached 30 yet but I am doing so much better. I am continuing to overcome my fears! I had 2 great experiences, we talked to random people and they let us into their house to share with them. I was like thank you Heavenly Father haha. One lady I just asked her if she knew someone that we were looking for and she said no but then I asked if we could share with them and she said yes and let us in. So, I actually knew where the person lived (the one I asked about) hahahaha but I needed to find a way to talk to her. 


Man, my cousins are awesome ;)

So, we had a baptism! It was the 12-year-old girl Krizzy. She is awesome and I love her desire to come to church and to follow the Saviour. She is great! After we teach a lesson, we will come back the next time and she will have written notes about it. She is great and I was so happy to see her make this step in her life. Her older sister is coming back to church as well, and her less active father was in a few of the lessons so hopefully this family can really progress and become strong in the church! 

This week we have a Christmas conference on Thursday!  I am so excited! I am in Antipolo zone, also attending on Thursday is Quezon City South zone and Taytay zone. My Nanay is in OCS zone and my old zone is Taytay so some of my friends are still there. So, I was so excited! There is Pasig zone as well but I don't really know many people there at the moment haha. That will be awesome! I am not exactly sure what we will do but I will let you know next week!

Christmas is on Sunday! I am sad that I will not get to spend it with my family but I am so happy to be here doing what I am doing. Let's all remember the true meaning of Christmas. Because of Christ and his Atonement, we are blessed with the gift of repentance, and the opportunity to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. Because of Him, we will always have someone who understands our pains and our sorrows, and He will know how to comfort us. He is my brother, and your brother and He loves you more than you will ever
know. I will forever be grateful for Him and I will always follow Him. I can never turn away from Him now. I hope you all don't either. Because without Him, we are nothing.

I love you all and I wish you the merriest Christmas! May Christ be at the centre.


Sister Hann

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