Monday, 12 December 2016

Hard Week - Week 34

Hello everyone,

So, this week has been a bit hard. NO ONE WANTS TO LISTEN. Sometimes I feel like saying: "I am sorry, I am just trying to save your soul here." But of course, I don't haha. So, we haven't taught many investigators this week, we mainly taught less actives and members this week. So, I've been feeling a bit down. That's okay though, President and Sister Koster tell us "sometimes you will have bad days, you just have to sleep it off, wake up the next day and forget it all happened. Each day is a new day with new experiences." That has really helped this week. Especially yesterday because it was not a good day haha. So today is a new day with new experiences. You just have to stay positive or else you will get discouraged. That is something I have really learnt dito sa mission. 

So, last week on Tuesday we had a trainer and trainee meeting. It was my first time there as a trainer. It was really good. I saw my Nanay again because she did a workshop there for us. 
Oh, I also cooked a Filipino food this week! My first time! My kabahays are going to teach me how to cook haha :) I really need to know so I can help with the cooking and of course I need to learn how to cook the Filipino foods. They taste sooooo good!!! I will cook some when I come home :) I cooked something called Tinola :) I think that is how you spell it. And I didn't poison anyone so it was a success hahaha :) 

We had a Christmas party in the branch on Saturday. We were able to go because we had some investigators there and it was so much fun! :) The youth performed and there were some games. Yeah it was great seriously! It really brought everyone together and gave us an opportunity to get to know the members better :) 

So, in our work we are having to do a lot of "finding", because we really need more people to teach. It is hard!! Sometimes I am nervous to speak to people but I think this is really going to teach me how to follow the spirit so I can find people who are ready to hear the gospel. I am going to have to step SOOO far out of my comfort zone to do this but I have to do it. If I don't do this, we won't progress and I don't feel happy either if I don't talk to others... I feel like I am not fulfilling my purpose as a missionary. So... it just has to be done! 

Tomorrow we have Elder Bowen coming to speak to our mission. That will be really fun.  I will update you on how that is next week :) If I have time I will send some pictures but I don't think I have time :( Sorry talaga.

Love you all!

Sister Hann. 

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