Tuesday, 4 October 2016

I am Transferring - Week 24

Helloooooooo everyone!!! 

So guess what? I am transferring tomorrow! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH patay na ako! (I am dead) hahahaha. Nah it's okay. I was expecting it so it's okay. Pero. The companion I have has just finished her training so I will be her first senior companion ahhhhhhhhhhhh I am nervous! I'm not training her but still........ ughhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhh well it will be fine. I am excited too though because it will be a new area.

I had an amazing experience last night that I want to share. So we taught this family. It was the first time we were able to go into their home. The husband only has one leg but the family work hard and are always busy. They are amazing seriously. So we taught them and we focused on families. The father cried at one point. We were teaching them and my companion was finishing off the lesson. I was just observing them and I suddenly felt this overwhelming feeling of love for them. Then I recognised that I was seriously feeling the love that the Saviour has for them. It was so strong! I could tell that He loved that family so much and that he was proud of them and that even though they were having struggles He was there watching over them. I am sad because I won't get to see them again. 

We had service this week. I attached a picture of a photo I had with heaps of children. It was awesome! Sorry, the photos are loading SOOOOOO slow!!! We are at a different place. I will send more next week. There is also a photo of me and my tatay haha. It is at Taytay chapel. 

There are other things that happened this week but I am running out of time again. But yeah I am transferring! Later I will pack and I will say goodbye to some of the members and investigators here. I can't say goodbye to all of them though. I have been here for so long! I have really come to love the people here. Despite the language barrier with some people, I have still made good relationships! I will miss them. And I will miss Taytay zone too! My first zone :) Pero. New people to meet in Antipolo zone!!! Wooo!!!!!

Love you all! 

Sorry this is not a good email. Hahahahaha mate I say that every time -__-

Ps. I tell people we ride kangaroos to school in Australia hehehe

Love Sister Hann

My Taytay at the Taytay chapel

Some children where we were doing service

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