Monday, 10 October 2016

Antipolo Zone - Week 25

Hello everyone!

So I have had my first few days here in San Isidro, Antipolo. It is so nice here!!! So mountainous here! There are so many trees and ahhhh it is just so nice! I really like it!
So my first day when I got here we went out to work. Then that night I met our Branch President. (I am in a branch not a ward). Normally he has missionaries over on Wednesday night, but his wife didn't have time to cook so we ate out at a restaurant. He is soooooo nice!!! And so is his wife! They spoke to me in English sometimes hehe which I wasn't complaining about, even though I can pretty much most of the time understand tagalog :) He is really good in English as well! He works for an Australian company and is going next month to Brisbane. I said I had family there and he said he'll try and visit the ward! So we'll see. And he said he'll bring me back vegemite haha. I also said I liked basketball so we talked about basketball and basketball shoes hahaha it was so nice :) 
So my apartment is nice :) Not as big as my other one but it is big enough so I am happy. ALSO! There is a basketball court like less than a minute walk away. When my companion told me I was like huh? Did I just die and go to heaven? Yep I did! So today we are going to buy a basketball and then we are going to go shoot every morning! Which I am so happy about! Especially because I miss exercising properly!!! So yeah I am in heaven here hahahaha. 
So as I have come here I have made sure that my attitude has been positive. I still have struggles in the mission. I am still trying to get this language down!!!!! I am improving though! I can feel it. My new companion (her name is Sister Mahinay) she is really helping me and I am grateful for her! I know we have been put together for a reason because we have both seen ways that we can help each other. But anyway, I have been doing my best to stay positive despite the struggles and it works! There was this one lesson that didn't go the way I wanted it to, I just didn't have a lot of Tagalog... normally, especially in my first and second transfer, I would have let it get me down and sometimes it affected the rest of my day. But I just shook it off this time and kept being positive and I was good for the rest of the day and I had other lessons where I felt I was using a lot of Tagalog and that I was teaching well. I can see the power of a positive attitude. It is OUR choice whether to get down on ourselves or not. Our minds are extremely strong, but if we are positive, we can have a completely different outcome!
I also made sure to not be shy when I was meeting all the new people. Before I got to the area I was like, I have the chance to start clean, they don't know I am shy, so I can change it. So despite the feelings of shyness I had, and despite the language, I just relaxed and was myself. I was able to connect with the members. Especially this one family, I was able to joke with them, even when I messed up my Tagalog. It was great! It is true the saying "fake it till you make it" hehe. 

Also... I LOVED General Conference! I truly felt the spirit. I left my book back home where I wrote everything so I can't really quote anything. But I felt the spirit so strong and I truly felt the Saviour's love for me!! I am truly developing a stronger relationship with Him and I see His influence and presence in my life more and more each day. I am grateful for our Prophet and his Apostles. How lucky we are to have them! I fully sustain them. God never changes, He called prophets anciently and He still does. We are so lucky for their guidance. I am grateful for this church. It is truly the Lord's church. Just like when the Saviour had his earthly ministry, he called 12 apostles. Now we have a living prophet, and 12 apostles in His church now. The same hey? It just all makes sense to me aye, haha
I am learning so much and I can truly see myself progressing! All I need is hope and belief in myself and then I can always press forward. Heavenly Father has shown me my progression, and that gives me the help and hope I need when times get tough.
I just want to leave you all with one quote I love:
"If the worst possible outcome is something you can live with or something the Saviour can help you overcome, move on without fear. 
Love you all

Sister Hann

My new companion Sister Mahinay

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