Monday, 24 October 2016

6 Months - Week 27

First of all, I want to say... I am at war with the cats in my neighbourhood!!!! They come and poop in the front of our house and they are always meowing at me! I have this picture that I took from the front window of our house and there are two cats sitting there staring at me!!!! I was like what theeeeeeeeeee! I can't attach pictures this week because this computer is a pain! But seriously, we are at war... I think they are plotting to kill me or something. 

So, on Tuesday we had zone interviews. Which means as a zone we go to the stake centre and have interviews with President. While one person is being interviewed, the others have workshops. So, the AP's (assistants to the President) did an AMAZING workshop about developing Christlike attributes. They also showed us a video of the talk by Richard J. Maynes about living a Christ-centred life. It was so good! He tells of a story of one of the General Authorities who makes bowls out of clay. Anyway... he taught a class and they all tried to make bowls out of clay but the clay just went everywhere. He knew why... it was because the clay wasn't exactly centred on the wheel. He likened this to our lives, and having our lives centred on the Saviour. He said we need to put Christ in the centre of our lives and let Him mould us. I love one thing that our Sister Training Leader said. She said, "If the world throws something at you... just go with it, He's moulding you." I loved that. We have so many challenges and struggles that are thrown at us but it is our attitude and response to it that makes or breaks the situation. We can be moulded through the trials and struggles we have... IF we truly let the Saviour be the centre of our lives. I hope I am making sense hehe.

So, we also had another interesting experience. We got to sit for an hour and speak to 3 Jehovah's witnesses hahaha. It was okay though because it was friendly and we just shared our beliefs. It was in English though because one of their friends was half Japanese and didn't know Tagalog very well. So, that was a change. A few times they showed us verses in the Bible and I am just sitting there like mate don't Bible bash me. I thought this was a 'friendly' conversation hehe. But yeah it was nice and they want to meet up again... Hmmmmm let’s see if they have a hidden agenda aye 

We have a baptism this Saturday! She had to be interviewed by President but he wasn't available. So, a couple missionary interviewed her. Well the Elder. One of our zone leaders had to go in there to be a translator because the Elder didn't speak any Tagalog. He is from America hahaha. The Filipinos have this joke here that if someone talks to you in English they're like... "ugh nosebleed" hahaha and they wipe their nose. It just means like they have no idea really what you’re saying or it's hard for them to understand. So, we were all there just wiping our noses haha. I actually find it hard to speak complete English. Just simple words like yes, no, really, maybe, etc. I always say in Tagalog. So, it's weird to speak to some of the couple missionaries and those in the office who never speak Tagalog. At least I can see my improvement hehe. 

We had a district activity earlier but I can't send you photos because the computer hates me. Oh, well hopefully next week :) Sorrrrry I wish I could send more pictures this weeeeeeeek! 

REINA I CANT BELIEVE YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!!! Congratulations! I love you! Have a cardboard cut out of me okay? We talked about this ;) hahahaha! Send photos pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I love you all! I hope you are all doing well. I am seriously hungry right now but we are going out to eat as a district for the rest of our activity after this wooo :) 

I am always hungry and sleepy. Missionary life! But I also think I have put on weight! Oh, well I can't stop eating so I'll just exercise more or get rid of it when I come home ;)


Love Sister Hann

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