Monday, 17 October 2016

6 Months on Saturday - Week 26

Hello everyone!

So crazy but on Saturday it will be 6 months since I entered the MTC! Time flies seriously!!! So I have 1 year left! Maaaaaan hahahaha so crazy! 

So first of all, there is a Sister in my branch that said she was baptised by Steven (or Stephen) McCappin. Is he related to Dave McCappin? I was like I KNOW MCCAPPINS hahahaha!

I also had to do a talk this Sunday -__- My first Sunday in the branch haaha but it was fine! It was about strengthening new converts. I survived hehe. 

So we OYM'ed (OYM stands for open your mouth) It just means you talk to random people about the gospel basically haha. So we OYMed this guy and he talked about how he wanted to change. He gave us his address and said for us to come back. Yesterday we went to find his house. We asked this lady about the address and if she had heard of this guy. Turns out it was his wife!!! Hahaha we were like whaaaaat?! And she took us to the house. It would have been so much harder to find the house if we hadn't found her because it wasn't obvious. Then we ended up going in and teaching him and his wife, and one of their sons ended up coming in too! It was great!  Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways haha. 
I find it so funny sometimes when you talk to random people on the street. Some are just reaaaaally not interested and you can tell. It's funny!

My brain is going a million miles an hour!!! I am ALWAYS thinking! The only time I can rest properly is at night when I am sleeping but then it just goes so quickly! I guess I'll just sleep/rest when I am dead! BUT THEN THERE IS STILL WORK TO BE DONE!!!! Hahahahahahha oh man. I forgot what it was like to rest and watch a movie. Oh that reminds me. If I open the curtains in my room I can see across into the room of the next house if their curtains are open. So one night I looked over and they were watching… you won't believe it... HARRY POTTER!!!! I was like noooooooooooo that's my favourite! Stop tempting me! I got so excited for a second hahaha. I knew exactly what movie it was too in like 2 seconds of seeing it hehe. Ah man!!!! The struggle is real! 

There's not much to say about this week. It has been a slow one. We have hardly any investigators :( We need more! So I guess we'll be doing lots of 'finding' this week. Which also means rejections! Wooooo hahaha. My old companion Sister Leasoon used to say when we were walking away after someone would reject us... "Don't tell me I didn't try and save your soul" hahahaha she was hilarious. 

I miss my other area! I miss my zone as well. We were really close over there. Hopefully it will become the same here. 

We visited the MTC this week as well because my companion had an appointment at the MRC (Missionary recovery centre). So we got to see President Trask again! So awesome.
I love you all, hopefully I'll have more to update on next week.


Oh and one more thought. Heavenly Father gives us challenges to strengthen us and help us to improve ourselves. He never gives us a challenge we cannot overcome. It doesn't mean it's not hard, it just means that He will help us through it! I've experienced that here! I would never improve if I wasn't challenged!

Take care everyone!


Sister Hann

Smile Everyone!

Visiting the MTC

Visiting with President Trask

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