Monday, 31 October 2016

G'Day Mates - Week 28

G'day mates!!

So, this week has been a slow week. Wednesday we went back to the office so my companion could do this language test. My Nanay was there!!!  She was in charge of it (She is the STL in that area and in the office). It was so awesome to see her again and spend some time with her! It was also nice to see other missionaries from my last zone! A few of them were there as well :) So one of the AP's is from Australia. He lives in Brisbane. Anyway, he is in the office a lot obviously. I have been there a lot recently because of my companion so we have been able to talk about Australia. It is nice to be able to talk to an Aussie. It was funny cause at one stage another Aussie walked in and the AP was like "hey look it's another mate" hahaha. The Filipinos love saying "hey mate" to us as well. He was also like to me... wait there. Then he went to the fridge and he pulls out... WEET BIX!!!! I was like WHAAAAT THEEEE!?!?! I forgot that existed?! He was like.. awesome right? I was like yesssssssss feels like home, (even though I don't really like weet bix haha). I might seem weird but it is nice when you see something from home haha. 

We had a baptism this week!!  It was great!! I cannot begin to explain the great feeling I have every time someone is baptised! It is an amazing experience! The problem is now we have no progressing investigators hahahahahah ahhhhhh. Missionary work is tiring. Sometimes you have people to teach, other times no one loves you. 

You know what.. I really don't have much to say this week sadly. 

Oh wait I had a great experience! 

So, there is this one family who have been members for about 3 years. The husband isn't always coming to church. Anyway, I had noticed that the mother seemed sad a lot... but every time we share I can't quite figure out what she is struggling with. A lot of the time when we share there are sooooo many children around and it is so hard to listen and have the spirit there. This one time though they were all asleep! (miracle). I had no idea what we were going to share with her, even up until it was my turn to start the lesson. As my companion was doing the follow up and asking how she was doing I just prayed, Heavenly Father please help me to know what to say, I have no idea what to share because I don't know what she needs. Even when it was my turn to speak there was silence. Then I just asked a question and then the lesson flowed. I shared Alma 7:11-12 with her. She even highlighted it through the lesson hehe. I am still not 100% sure of her trial and concern, but I was able to help her understand that the Saviour knows her struggles and He is the one that can truly help her. So even though I couldn't say to her... "Here is the solution to your problem", I  was able to give her the "tool" to help her through her problem. It also increased my testimony that we will be given by the spirit, in the very hour, what we need to say (I forgot where that scripture is found). 

Anyway, that is all for this week sorry. I am trying to upload pictures but the camera won't connect. SORRY :(
Ps. sorry if my English grammar is weird. Sometimes I find I am speaking Filipino English haha.

Anyway I just want to leave you with one scripture:
Jacob 6:12

Mahal na Mahal ko kayo!

Sister Hann

Monday, 24 October 2016

6 Months - Week 27

First of all, I want to say... I am at war with the cats in my neighbourhood!!!! They come and poop in the front of our house and they are always meowing at me! I have this picture that I took from the front window of our house and there are two cats sitting there staring at me!!!! I was like what theeeeeeeeeee! I can't attach pictures this week because this computer is a pain! But seriously, we are at war... I think they are plotting to kill me or something. 

So, on Tuesday we had zone interviews. Which means as a zone we go to the stake centre and have interviews with President. While one person is being interviewed, the others have workshops. So, the AP's (assistants to the President) did an AMAZING workshop about developing Christlike attributes. They also showed us a video of the talk by Richard J. Maynes about living a Christ-centred life. It was so good! He tells of a story of one of the General Authorities who makes bowls out of clay. Anyway... he taught a class and they all tried to make bowls out of clay but the clay just went everywhere. He knew why... it was because the clay wasn't exactly centred on the wheel. He likened this to our lives, and having our lives centred on the Saviour. He said we need to put Christ in the centre of our lives and let Him mould us. I love one thing that our Sister Training Leader said. She said, "If the world throws something at you... just go with it, He's moulding you." I loved that. We have so many challenges and struggles that are thrown at us but it is our attitude and response to it that makes or breaks the situation. We can be moulded through the trials and struggles we have... IF we truly let the Saviour be the centre of our lives. I hope I am making sense hehe.

So, we also had another interesting experience. We got to sit for an hour and speak to 3 Jehovah's witnesses hahaha. It was okay though because it was friendly and we just shared our beliefs. It was in English though because one of their friends was half Japanese and didn't know Tagalog very well. So, that was a change. A few times they showed us verses in the Bible and I am just sitting there like mate don't Bible bash me. I thought this was a 'friendly' conversation hehe. But yeah it was nice and they want to meet up again... Hmmmmm let’s see if they have a hidden agenda aye 

We have a baptism this Saturday! She had to be interviewed by President but he wasn't available. So, a couple missionary interviewed her. Well the Elder. One of our zone leaders had to go in there to be a translator because the Elder didn't speak any Tagalog. He is from America hahaha. The Filipinos have this joke here that if someone talks to you in English they're like... "ugh nosebleed" hahaha and they wipe their nose. It just means like they have no idea really what you’re saying or it's hard for them to understand. So, we were all there just wiping our noses haha. I actually find it hard to speak complete English. Just simple words like yes, no, really, maybe, etc. I always say in Tagalog. So, it's weird to speak to some of the couple missionaries and those in the office who never speak Tagalog. At least I can see my improvement hehe. 

We had a district activity earlier but I can't send you photos because the computer hates me. Oh, well hopefully next week :) Sorrrrry I wish I could send more pictures this weeeeeeeek! 

REINA I CANT BELIEVE YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!!! Congratulations! I love you! Have a cardboard cut out of me okay? We talked about this ;) hahahaha! Send photos pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I love you all! I hope you are all doing well. I am seriously hungry right now but we are going out to eat as a district for the rest of our activity after this wooo :) 

I am always hungry and sleepy. Missionary life! But I also think I have put on weight! Oh, well I can't stop eating so I'll just exercise more or get rid of it when I come home ;)


Love Sister Hann

Monday, 17 October 2016

6 Months on Saturday - Week 26

Hello everyone!

So crazy but on Saturday it will be 6 months since I entered the MTC! Time flies seriously!!! So I have 1 year left! Maaaaaan hahahaha so crazy! 

So first of all, there is a Sister in my branch that said she was baptised by Steven (or Stephen) McCappin. Is he related to Dave McCappin? I was like I KNOW MCCAPPINS hahahaha!

I also had to do a talk this Sunday -__- My first Sunday in the branch haaha but it was fine! It was about strengthening new converts. I survived hehe. 

So we OYM'ed (OYM stands for open your mouth) It just means you talk to random people about the gospel basically haha. So we OYMed this guy and he talked about how he wanted to change. He gave us his address and said for us to come back. Yesterday we went to find his house. We asked this lady about the address and if she had heard of this guy. Turns out it was his wife!!! Hahaha we were like whaaaaat?! And she took us to the house. It would have been so much harder to find the house if we hadn't found her because it wasn't obvious. Then we ended up going in and teaching him and his wife, and one of their sons ended up coming in too! It was great!  Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways haha. 
I find it so funny sometimes when you talk to random people on the street. Some are just reaaaaally not interested and you can tell. It's funny!

My brain is going a million miles an hour!!! I am ALWAYS thinking! The only time I can rest properly is at night when I am sleeping but then it just goes so quickly! I guess I'll just sleep/rest when I am dead! BUT THEN THERE IS STILL WORK TO BE DONE!!!! Hahahahahahha oh man. I forgot what it was like to rest and watch a movie. Oh that reminds me. If I open the curtains in my room I can see across into the room of the next house if their curtains are open. So one night I looked over and they were watching… you won't believe it... HARRY POTTER!!!! I was like noooooooooooo that's my favourite! Stop tempting me! I got so excited for a second hahaha. I knew exactly what movie it was too in like 2 seconds of seeing it hehe. Ah man!!!! The struggle is real! 

There's not much to say about this week. It has been a slow one. We have hardly any investigators :( We need more! So I guess we'll be doing lots of 'finding' this week. Which also means rejections! Wooooo hahaha. My old companion Sister Leasoon used to say when we were walking away after someone would reject us... "Don't tell me I didn't try and save your soul" hahahaha she was hilarious. 

I miss my other area! I miss my zone as well. We were really close over there. Hopefully it will become the same here. 

We visited the MTC this week as well because my companion had an appointment at the MRC (Missionary recovery centre). So we got to see President Trask again! So awesome.
I love you all, hopefully I'll have more to update on next week.


Oh and one more thought. Heavenly Father gives us challenges to strengthen us and help us to improve ourselves. He never gives us a challenge we cannot overcome. It doesn't mean it's not hard, it just means that He will help us through it! I've experienced that here! I would never improve if I wasn't challenged!

Take care everyone!


Sister Hann

Smile Everyone!

Visiting the MTC

Visiting with President Trask

Monday, 10 October 2016

Antipolo Zone - Week 25

Hello everyone!

So I have had my first few days here in San Isidro, Antipolo. It is so nice here!!! So mountainous here! There are so many trees and ahhhh it is just so nice! I really like it!
So my first day when I got here we went out to work. Then that night I met our Branch President. (I am in a branch not a ward). Normally he has missionaries over on Wednesday night, but his wife didn't have time to cook so we ate out at a restaurant. He is soooooo nice!!! And so is his wife! They spoke to me in English sometimes hehe which I wasn't complaining about, even though I can pretty much most of the time understand tagalog :) He is really good in English as well! He works for an Australian company and is going next month to Brisbane. I said I had family there and he said he'll try and visit the ward! So we'll see. And he said he'll bring me back vegemite haha. I also said I liked basketball so we talked about basketball and basketball shoes hahaha it was so nice :) 
So my apartment is nice :) Not as big as my other one but it is big enough so I am happy. ALSO! There is a basketball court like less than a minute walk away. When my companion told me I was like huh? Did I just die and go to heaven? Yep I did! So today we are going to buy a basketball and then we are going to go shoot every morning! Which I am so happy about! Especially because I miss exercising properly!!! So yeah I am in heaven here hahahaha. 
So as I have come here I have made sure that my attitude has been positive. I still have struggles in the mission. I am still trying to get this language down!!!!! I am improving though! I can feel it. My new companion (her name is Sister Mahinay) she is really helping me and I am grateful for her! I know we have been put together for a reason because we have both seen ways that we can help each other. But anyway, I have been doing my best to stay positive despite the struggles and it works! There was this one lesson that didn't go the way I wanted it to, I just didn't have a lot of Tagalog... normally, especially in my first and second transfer, I would have let it get me down and sometimes it affected the rest of my day. But I just shook it off this time and kept being positive and I was good for the rest of the day and I had other lessons where I felt I was using a lot of Tagalog and that I was teaching well. I can see the power of a positive attitude. It is OUR choice whether to get down on ourselves or not. Our minds are extremely strong, but if we are positive, we can have a completely different outcome!
I also made sure to not be shy when I was meeting all the new people. Before I got to the area I was like, I have the chance to start clean, they don't know I am shy, so I can change it. So despite the feelings of shyness I had, and despite the language, I just relaxed and was myself. I was able to connect with the members. Especially this one family, I was able to joke with them, even when I messed up my Tagalog. It was great! It is true the saying "fake it till you make it" hehe. 

Also... I LOVED General Conference! I truly felt the spirit. I left my book back home where I wrote everything so I can't really quote anything. But I felt the spirit so strong and I truly felt the Saviour's love for me!! I am truly developing a stronger relationship with Him and I see His influence and presence in my life more and more each day. I am grateful for our Prophet and his Apostles. How lucky we are to have them! I fully sustain them. God never changes, He called prophets anciently and He still does. We are so lucky for their guidance. I am grateful for this church. It is truly the Lord's church. Just like when the Saviour had his earthly ministry, he called 12 apostles. Now we have a living prophet, and 12 apostles in His church now. The same hey? It just all makes sense to me aye, haha
I am learning so much and I can truly see myself progressing! All I need is hope and belief in myself and then I can always press forward. Heavenly Father has shown me my progression, and that gives me the help and hope I need when times get tough.
I just want to leave you all with one quote I love:
"If the worst possible outcome is something you can live with or something the Saviour can help you overcome, move on without fear. 
Love you all

Sister Hann

My new companion Sister Mahinay

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

I am Transferring - Week 24

Helloooooooo everyone!!! 

So guess what? I am transferring tomorrow! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH patay na ako! (I am dead) hahahaha. Nah it's okay. I was expecting it so it's okay. Pero. The companion I have has just finished her training so I will be her first senior companion ahhhhhhhhhhhh I am nervous! I'm not training her but still........ ughhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhh well it will be fine. I am excited too though because it will be a new area.

I had an amazing experience last night that I want to share. So we taught this family. It was the first time we were able to go into their home. The husband only has one leg but the family work hard and are always busy. They are amazing seriously. So we taught them and we focused on families. The father cried at one point. We were teaching them and my companion was finishing off the lesson. I was just observing them and I suddenly felt this overwhelming feeling of love for them. Then I recognised that I was seriously feeling the love that the Saviour has for them. It was so strong! I could tell that He loved that family so much and that he was proud of them and that even though they were having struggles He was there watching over them. I am sad because I won't get to see them again. 

We had service this week. I attached a picture of a photo I had with heaps of children. It was awesome! Sorry, the photos are loading SOOOOOO slow!!! We are at a different place. I will send more next week. There is also a photo of me and my tatay haha. It is at Taytay chapel. 

There are other things that happened this week but I am running out of time again. But yeah I am transferring! Later I will pack and I will say goodbye to some of the members and investigators here. I can't say goodbye to all of them though. I have been here for so long! I have really come to love the people here. Despite the language barrier with some people, I have still made good relationships! I will miss them. And I will miss Taytay zone too! My first zone :) Pero. New people to meet in Antipolo zone!!! Wooo!!!!!

Love you all! 

Sorry this is not a good email. Hahahahaha mate I say that every time -__-

Ps. I tell people we ride kangaroos to school in Australia hehehe

Love Sister Hann

My Taytay at the Taytay chapel

Some children where we were doing service