Monday, 5 September 2016

Time Flies - Week 20

Hey everyone!!

Time seriously flies here in the mission. I've already had my second week with my new companion. I still remember when I was with my Nanay and we were wondering if she would be transferred. I am grateful for my new companion; she continues to teach me a lot! 

We are doing well here. Still trying to juggle our 2 areas! It is crazy seriously haha. We are always waiting for jeepneys. Sometimes we are waiting for FOREVER! But we just laugh it off and enjoy ourselves. 

There's not really much to update you on this week. Oh wait we have a baptism set for this Saturday! Technically he is not our baptism because he is from the other area, but yeah we finished the last like 2 lessons with him and prepared his interview. So yeah we didn't do heaps but it has been nice to be a part of this experience with him. He has been an investigator for years and now is really his time. He is so nice! His wife is recent convert too :) They are really nice!! It's crazy how many great people I am able to meet!!

We had stake conference which was nice!!! Taytay stake is HUGE!!! 

The language continues to improve! I am really starting to understand people! Sometimes it depends on the person though! But yeah it is good! The speaking is still a struggle though. I am hoping to really see an improvement this transfer. I just have to push myself!!
There is not much more to say really. 

I hope you are all well! You are always in my prayers. I'll try to send some photos next week :)

Love you all!! I hope I'll have more to share next week. Sorry if my emails sucks


Sister Hann

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