Monday, 19 September 2016

Helloooooo Everyone! - Week 22

Helloooooo everyone!!

So this week has been a fun week! We had zone conference, and earlier this morning we had a zone activity and we went hiking. (I'll add some photos). So last P-day I bought a new camera so the photos are good hehe!

So zone conference was like an answer to my prayers. Last week I was struggling a lot. I felt like I wasn't really feeling the spirit. I really prayed for help. I was struggling with the language, with teaching, feeling the spirit, with my faith, with a lot. I didn't really have faith in myself. At zone conference though, the spirit hit me like a truck hahaha. I was like THANK YOU Heavenly Father! Hahahah. I really needed that. President and Sister Koster talked a lot about faith to us. Through the struggles I really questioned how strong my faith was. It's almost like I am rebuilding my faith here in the mission. It is helping me to come closer to my Saviour and to really build a relationship with Him and my Heavenly Father. I am still working on that relationship! I am still increasing my faith every day!!! I also realized that this isn't my work, it is the Lord's, and He will find a way for us to accomplish it. He doesn't call these absolutely amazing people, he calls weak people and helps them be great! It is so true! He is helping us reach our divine potential! Each of us has a part of our Heavenly Father in us! We just need to develop it and search for it!

Also, President gave us a referral!!! The first time we went to look for him we couldn't find him! But.,..... we found a family instead woooooo! And they have 10 kids! So we were like yeeeeeep we just hit the jackpot hahaha. Also. I am in a trisome right now! We have a sister who is a visa waiter. she is waiting to go to Korea! So awesome!

Today we had our zone activity. So much fun. There is a new rule, we can have 2 zone activities every transfer... wooo! So next transfer we will be playing basketball and volleyball wooooooooo basketball!!! Hahaha.

My time is running out so I will leave it there... Keep enjoying life without me! Jokkkkkeeeeeeeeeee! I miss you all! And flip I can't believe Reina is getting married soon!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?! Hehehehe love ya sis!!

Love you all!!!

Sister Hann

Zone Conference

Zone Activity - Hike

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