Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Five Months - Week 23

So on the 22nd of this month it was my 5 months! So technically I am only like 4 months in the field on the 1st of October... but the time we had in the MTC counts too so year I am literally 5 months into my mission!!!!! ano ba yan?! (tagalog expression).

So we just had another Zone activity this morning. Sports. So I got to play basketball! Sooooooooooo happy!!!  It was lots of fun! Stress reliever!! We are getting a zone
 t-shirt. we will probably get it on Friday... so I'll send a picture next week.

So we got a referral from President! We were like okay we HAVE to contact this person fast because it is a referral from President Koster. Anyway we found him. He has two kids. He is great! He has so many questions and he is so willing to listen. You can tell he is just searching for the truth! 

We have an 18-year-old investigator. I LOVE her! As soon as I met her we just clicked. I really care about her. We really have a good connection. I can't explain it :) Everything was going well with our lessons and then she had the question about Joseph Smith and all those wonderful questions that people have. Then it sort of went downhill and she was like "I am content in the born again church." I was like noooooooooo I know you were feeling the Spirit!! It's hard when you really testify about something and you really feel the Spirit, and then they're just like naaaaah sorry. HOW CAN YOU NOT FEEEEEEEEL ITTTTTTT hahahaha! Of course we respect people's decision and their religion. Our purpose is not to force people. It's just hard talaga. Pero we are going to keep in touch :) She gave me her email and she said that from now on we are friends and I have to add her on FB after the mission. I was showing her family pictures and she was like, can I be your little sister? Ugh she is awesome. I'll take a picture with her next week :) 

Our recent convert Chester, who is 22... He is great!! He has such a desire to read the Book of Mormon and all the scriptures. He has so many questions. He really wants to know EVERYTHING!! It's great! Haha I have that same desire! I just want to know everything! I love the deep doctrine hahahaha so interesting!!! Pero for now I just need to focus on the basics so I can teach them :) But yeah he is awesome! I am so happy that he is progressing. He received the Priesthood the other week and he said that he'll be blessing the Sacrament next week.

Also our most recent convert. Michael De Mesa (apparently that is actually the name of an actor here in the Philippines). He is awesome too! He was the one that investigated the church for 6 years! I can really see how the gospel has blessed his

life! He is so happy! He has had many trials recently but he is actually so happy! It is amazing to see! :) 

Ahhhhhhhhhh my time is running out! Love you all! Next week is transfer week. There is a good chance I will transfer. But you never know. So next email you will know whether or not I am transferring :) So yeah my email will be on Tuesday next week! I have been in this area for a long time and I have come to love the people here :) 

Sige I need to go. Love you all so much and I miss you all!

Keep being awesome, because I am hahahahaha joooooooooke!

Ingat lagi! 


Sister Hann

At a members home. The powder is part of a game we were playing.

My Taytay

Teaching a members dog the gospel

Lunch during our zone activity

Playing basketball for our zone activity

Zone Activity

Monday, 19 September 2016

Helloooooo Everyone! - Week 22

Helloooooo everyone!!

So this week has been a fun week! We had zone conference, and earlier this morning we had a zone activity and we went hiking. (I'll add some photos). So last P-day I bought a new camera so the photos are good hehe!

So zone conference was like an answer to my prayers. Last week I was struggling a lot. I felt like I wasn't really feeling the spirit. I really prayed for help. I was struggling with the language, with teaching, feeling the spirit, with my faith, with a lot. I didn't really have faith in myself. At zone conference though, the spirit hit me like a truck hahaha. I was like THANK YOU Heavenly Father! Hahahah. I really needed that. President and Sister Koster talked a lot about faith to us. Through the struggles I really questioned how strong my faith was. It's almost like I am rebuilding my faith here in the mission. It is helping me to come closer to my Saviour and to really build a relationship with Him and my Heavenly Father. I am still working on that relationship! I am still increasing my faith every day!!! I also realized that this isn't my work, it is the Lord's, and He will find a way for us to accomplish it. He doesn't call these absolutely amazing people, he calls weak people and helps them be great! It is so true! He is helping us reach our divine potential! Each of us has a part of our Heavenly Father in us! We just need to develop it and search for it!

Also, President gave us a referral!!! The first time we went to look for him we couldn't find him! But.,..... we found a family instead woooooo! And they have 10 kids! So we were like yeeeeeep we just hit the jackpot hahaha. Also. I am in a trisome right now! We have a sister who is a visa waiter. she is waiting to go to Korea! So awesome!

Today we had our zone activity. So much fun. There is a new rule, we can have 2 zone activities every transfer... wooo! So next transfer we will be playing basketball and volleyball wooooooooo basketball!!! Hahaha.

My time is running out so I will leave it there... Keep enjoying life without me! Jokkkkkeeeeeeeeeee! I miss you all! And flip I can't believe Reina is getting married soon!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?! Hehehehe love ya sis!!

Love you all!!!

Sister Hann

Zone Conference

Zone Activity - Hike

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Helloooooo - Week 21

Hi everyone!

We had a good week this week :) We had a baptism!! His name is Michael De Mesa. He is 38 years old and his wife is a member. He has been investigating the church for 6 years! It was amazing to see how ready he was to be baptised! I could see his desire and also the happiness he had as we taught those last few lessons to him. He has a great understanding of the gospel and ugh he is just awesome. His wife was just so happy afterwards also. We had a family home evening at their house last night to 'celebrate', it was lots of fun :) 

We also had STL exchanges again this week on Wednesday. I was with a Filipino sister. Her name is Sister Mainit. Mainit in tagalog means hot hahahaha so she gets many jokes. She is so nice and so funny, we had a great time. It was her first time as an STL and her first exchange. So I told her to make sure she wrote about me in her journal hahaha. 

Our assistant ward mission leader just got his mission call (he's in these photos, the one who took the selfie). He was called to Philippines Cebu mission. He opened his call last night. He called us once we had finished an appointment and told us. We freaked out and were like wooooo and then people on the street were looking at us like what the heck hahahahaha. It was so exciting though. It is nice to be able to experience people getting their mission calls here too. I was hoping he would have been called to Australia but nopppppppppeeeeee. 

In one of our areas there are streets that are named after places in America. There is Idaho and LA hahaha I attached photos. We were so excited: P 

Our area is still.... big haha. It is hard because some members are like "when are you going to visit?" And we are like welllllllll it is hard because we have a big area and it is hard to balance it all. Sometimes I feel bad because we can't visit some people as much as we used to. I just hope we aren't neglecting them. Ugh, we will continue to work on it.

The language is still hard of course but I see improvements every week. I just have to push through. Man I am learning patience here, seriously!!! and it is taking me SO FAR out of my comfort zone! Maybe that's one reason why I was called here.

I just want to let you all know that Heavenly Father has a plan for everything, and we have trials for a purpose. At the time we may not understand why we are experiencing it, but afterwards we can see how we grew and see how it affected us. I can already see the changes in myself here. And these changes have only happened as I have been through struggles. I am just grateful that despite struggles, we have the help of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Honestly without that I don't know where I would be and what I would do when I went through struggles. 

I love you all and I hope your week has been a good one.


Sister Hann 

A Jeepney - this is what we use for transportation

In one of our areas there are streets named after places in America

Another street named after a place in America

Baptism of Michael De Mesa. Also my new companion Sister Leasoon

Another photo of Michael's Baptism

This is our assistant ward mission leader

Family Home Evening at Michael's

Monday, 5 September 2016

Time Flies - Week 20

Hey everyone!!

Time seriously flies here in the mission. I've already had my second week with my new companion. I still remember when I was with my Nanay and we were wondering if she would be transferred. I am grateful for my new companion; she continues to teach me a lot! 

We are doing well here. Still trying to juggle our 2 areas! It is crazy seriously haha. We are always waiting for jeepneys. Sometimes we are waiting for FOREVER! But we just laugh it off and enjoy ourselves. 

There's not really much to update you on this week. Oh wait we have a baptism set for this Saturday! Technically he is not our baptism because he is from the other area, but yeah we finished the last like 2 lessons with him and prepared his interview. So yeah we didn't do heaps but it has been nice to be a part of this experience with him. He has been an investigator for years and now is really his time. He is so nice! His wife is recent convert too :) They are really nice!! It's crazy how many great people I am able to meet!!

We had stake conference which was nice!!! Taytay stake is HUGE!!! 

The language continues to improve! I am really starting to understand people! Sometimes it depends on the person though! But yeah it is good! The speaking is still a struggle though. I am hoping to really see an improvement this transfer. I just have to push myself!!
There is not much more to say really. 

I hope you are all well! You are always in my prayers. I'll try to send some photos next week :)

Love you all!! I hope I'll have more to share next week. Sorry if my emails sucks


Sister Hann