Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Patay na ako - Week 18

Hello everyone!

So "patay na ako" means I am dead in tagalog hahahaha.

So transfer week this week! And tomorrow is transfer day. So this morning the zone leaders called. So the news is........ I am staying in this area, but my nanay is transferring. She is going to be a Sister Training Leader!!!! She is amazing! She got a call Sunday night... so I knew then that I would have a new companion. It was so funny. Sunday night we were planning and the phone was on my table... It starts ringing and I just see "President Koster" and we both freaked out hahahahaha! It was hilarious. So yeah it was sort of nice to know earlier because I have been able to mentally prepare myself hahahahaha.

So the zone leaders called this morning. First they said that I will have 2 new companions!!! So we will be a tri-some! Crazy hey? One is Samoan. I have met her before. She is really nice. I don't know the other sister. The zone leaders didn't know who she was either. Then.... they also told me that they are actually closing the area of Cainta 1b. That's my kabahays. (I am in Cainta 1a.) One of my kabahays is transferring, the other one is going to LA because that's where her actual mission is... she was just waiting for her visa. So that means as a tri-some we will have to go to both my area and the area that Cainta 1b had. Does that make sense haha? Maaaaaaan so I have to lead my area and before she goes to LA, the other sister will show us around their area so we can learn that too. Challenges ahead but I feel calm right now :)

So my birthday... It was really good actually! First of all, in the morning the zone leaders called and my nanay answered. I asked what they said and she just said they were asking about one of our investigators blah blah blah and that they will call back in 10 minutes. I was like okay then... So they called back in 10 minutes and my nanay put the phone on speaker. One of the zone leaders was like Sister Hann guess what? And I was like what? Then them and their kabahays started singing happy birthday to me hahahaha. It was really nice of them :) Then later on in the evening we had a family home evening at a member’s home. They surprised me by singing happy birthday and also gave me a thing that said Happy 21st birthday Sister Hann. It was so good! I had a great birthday :)

Yesterday we had a district meeting at Taytay chapel and all the zone was there (But in seperate rooms for each district). My nanay had asked my tatay to buy me a stuffed toy hahahah so he bought 2 blue bears... One for my birthday and one for me finishing my training :D I am now a normal missionary!!! 

We also had a baptism on Saturday again! It was the 22 year old guy. He is so great seriously!!! I will explain more about him next time. My time is so short again ughhhh because we also have to scan and send the baptismal thing to the office.

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes! :D I can't reply to them all I am sorry but I am so thankful for them! 

I am so happy to be here on a mission. I am learning so much and I am growing so much!

I love you all! 

I'll update you more next week :)

Sister Hann

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