Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Interesting Week! - Week 17

Hello all!!!!

So this week has been an interesting one!

Monday we had our zone activity but it was raining so we just had it in Taytay chapel. We played some basketball for a bit (YAY FINALLY) I played with the Elders hahahaha. They were shocked at my absolutely amazing skills HAHA joke lang. (a Filipino expression) (lang is pronounced as lung). But it was fun. It was me, and the zone leaders vs. their kabahays and another sister. It was raining though so we went inside and played some other games. I really enjoyed it! 

On Tuesday we had our zone training and then interviews with President Koster. So zone training went till about 11. We then had lunch close by (It was my Tatay's birthday). My follow up Tatay is a Filipino. He is cool. Then we had a schedule for the interviews. My Nanay and I were supposed to have ours at like 2 something but there were some things happenin so they changed our interview to the last ones. Anyway so my Nanay and I went home, we went to visit bishop, we were going to visit investigators but we didn't have time. (Taytay chapel is half an hour away). So we went back hahaha so much travelling. We then waited for the others to finish their interviews. It was fun just to talk and chat with the other missionaries while we were waiting. We watched some church videos and other stuff. So not much work for the first two days of the week!

Then.... there has been SO MUCH RAIN!!!!! And there have been floods in our area. It is so frustrating. At first I was like this if fun but nope I am sick of it now. We obviously have to be careful so if it isn't safe we have to go home. So this week we haven't had as many lessons. And it is hard when I am trying to adjust to this routine and to learning the language if I can't have a set routine and be working all the time. 

Don't worry by the way about the floods, we are safe and we know what to do if it gets bad :) Our zone leaders and District leader are always checking up on us too. One of my zone leaders is always saying Australian sayings to me. It is so funny. "Crack open a few cold ones" He loves that one hahaha. I am going to tell him to say "no worries mate"
We had a baptism this week! The husband of Nena was baptized! It was so great! :D We have another baptism set for this weekend also! 

I turn 21 on Sunday!!! Crazy hahahaha. I can't believe it! Don't forget about me on that day okay ;) hehehe joke lang. 

Sorry, I don't have much time to email AGAIN ugh. Maybe I'll have to come up with a better way of emailing. We'll see.

Love you all!

Sister Hann

Ps. Sorry if I don't make sense. I am typing quickly haha

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