Monday, 8 August 2016

Helloooooooooooo Everyone! Week 16

Helloooooooooo everyone!

Another week gone! Times flies seriously!

So this transfer we have zone interviews. Which means as a zone we go to a chapel and we have interviews one by one with President. My zone is tomorrow. But last week about 4 zones met together and we had a bunch of workshops. And then one zone had their interviews. The workshops were done by the Sister training leaders, the zone leaders and the assistants to the President. They were all so good! And I learnt a lot! I really love having workshops, I always learn a lot and it helps me to be motivated :)

One thing that I love is what President Koster told us. He said that he wants us all, when we arise at 6:30 and pray. To pray for everyone in the mission. To pray for our companion, our kabahays, our district, our zone, and everyone in the mission. He said that he wants us as a mission to be united in pray at 6:30 in the morning. For us all to be praying for each other. I thought that was awesome, and it really helps us to be united together.

So on Friday we had weekly planning again. We then went out in the afternoon and got so punted!!! Which means no one let us in. The main problem for us is that everyone is so busy! So either they weren't there or they were busy! And just to top it off it started pouring with rain! -_- So yeah that for sure was a fun day! Not! Hahaha.

Yesterday we had a great day though! We had 2 members work with us which always helps! (Our ward isn't great with coming out with missionaries because they are so busy). And everywhere we went we were able to go in and visit so it was good! We also had 2 of our investigators have their interview for baptism! And they passed! So yaaaaaay! :D One will be baptised this week.. The other the week after! We also have another one scheduled for the 20th but she hasn't been interviewed yet...  Pero fingers crossed!

We also had 2 less active families come to church who haven't been in forever! It was soooo good! I was fasting and I was a bit disappointed because we didn't have many investigators at church. Then I was breaking my fast and I was like.. wait a minute... 2 less active families just came to church. And I was like oh wow yeah hahaha! Miracles happening :) Fasting is powerful!

So today we have a zone activity!! I am excited :) It was going to be at some place (I don't know where it is) It's a nature place or something. Yeah I am confused hahahaha. The problem is it has been raining this morning so we might just have the activity at TayTay chapel. (By the way Tay is pronounced 'tie'). I have a great zone! So it should be fun :)

Hmm.. Not much more to say for this week. I am continuously learning every day! I can see improvements in my teaching and language.. slowly.. but it's happening haha. I am so grateful for the companionship of the Holy Ghost, and the help of my Father in Heaven. He is always there to help us and will never leave us. We have trials and struggles to strengthen us. But we always receive help! We are truly blessed to know we have someone to turn to when we struggle!

Love you all!!

Hope you have an amazing week!

Sister Hann

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