Monday, 1 August 2016

Hellooooo Again...... Week 15

So it has been a good week this week :) I got the package at my district meeting! (Thanks mum and dad). The zone leaders came to our district meeting for this week. They saw the food that you sent and they were so keen for it hahahaha so I shared it with everyone. One of the zone leaders LOVED the BBQ shapes. It was hilarious. He couldn't stop eating them and couldn't get over how good they were. It was great hahaha. 

 My new kabahay is Sister Avila and she is great :) 

So last week I forgot to tell about this man we met. First of all, we started talking to 3 women outside his house. Then he came out and he was like. Mormons? And we were like yeah. Then he said... So Joseph Smith? And I said yes. Then he said... So how many wives did Joseph Smith have? And I was like oh wow here we go. One thing he said was extremely interesting though. He said that Mormons were the most dangerous religion. Oh man I literally almost laughed out loud, seriously. I was just like huh?!?!?! He was interesting. Anything we said he would just laugh (in a mocking way). We went to give him a pamphlet to read but he wouldn't accept. He wouldn't accept anything we had to say and just complained about the church basically. All we did was testify and then left because he was just trying to argue with us. Honestly I just felt bad for him. His heart was so closed to anything. We just laughed at the experience afterwards. It didn't discourage us at all or anything :) It was sort of a cool experience in all honesty haha. But yeah just felt bad for him. 

So I had STL exchanges this week. I went with a Sister from America who goes home this transfer. It's funny because she has red hair also! So that was an interesting experience. 2 white girls with red hair walking down the street! We got some stares that's for sure! It was a great exchange. It was in her area. She taught me a lot about being confident in teaching. She said just be confident, even if your grammar is wrong. In Preach My Gospel there is a heading (I think it is on page 2) It is about the power and authority of our calling as missionaries. It talks about how that as missionaries we have the right and privilege to teach the gospel. And also that we have the authority to do so. That is what happens when we get set apart as a missionary. We receive the authority to teach the gospel and to represent the Saviour. Amazing stuff. Just showed me how important this calling is and how I should be confident with this calling. I walk side by side the Saviour, the prophet and the apostles in this work! And there's lots of work to do!

We have an amazing investigator! I think I have mentioned him. His name is Chester and he is 21. His girlfriend is a member. HE IS SO READY FOR BAPTISM! He is great. We had to discern whether he was just being baptised because of his girlfriend but after our lesson with him yesterday we could just tell that his desire is real. So good! For now, we have 3 baptisms in August. 2 on the 13th and 1 on the 20th. They are really progressing so FINGERS CROSSED!!!

One more thing. My Nanay cooks fish sometimes. We just buy a few small fishes at the markets and then she fries it. The problem is most of the time I feel like I am eating more bones than fish hahahaha. It's hilarious! But I have realised I actually like fish. I never ate it back home. And also those who know me well know I really don't like banana. I HAVE BEEN EATING THEM. I must say I am not as converted as with the fish but seriously it is a big step for me to actually eat them. Before my mission I wouldn't even touch them. Philippines what are you doing to me? Hahahaha.


limited time sorry. 

Love you all! 

Sister Hann xx 

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