Monday, 29 August 2016

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY - Week 19


So we have been so busy this week since the transfer. We have had to work out how to balance both areas. We are always travelling haha. A few times we have been a little lost but it has been fun haha. We are sort of doing what they call "white-washing." It's where they close an area and then completely new missionaries come in. I can't explain it properly. But yeah that's what we have been doing. We haven't quite got our planning perfect yet because we are trying to juggle a whole lot of other investigators. But it's okay, we are getting there.

So I actually only have one companion. Her name is Sister Leasoon and she is an American Samoan. She is great and we get along well :) I am grateful for that! There are also only 2 of us in the one apartment... and we have a reasonably big apartment! It is really weird but it is good too :) The main problem is we both don't know how to cook HAHA. Fun times!!!

So I am grateful that I have been blessed with good mission leaders. My Nanay was amazing and she taught me so much. I miss her! My Nanay said there is always a special bond between your trainer and also when you train. She was right. My first Tatay who went home after my first transfer always emails me and he is really supportive. He emails me with parts in Tagalog to help me. He is great. My second Tatay who is still in the mission and is still my District Leader is also supportive. He called us on Thursday for our follow up calls and he was like "I am worried about you" I said why? He said because your Nanay is gone and there is only 2 of you in the apartment. I said it was okay and that I was fine. He then said, just call me if you need anything or if anything goes wrong or for whatever. It was so nice. Then when he was talking to my companion he said "take care of my anak for me" (anak is child... pronounced anuk). So I am really blessed with great people here. 

I don't know much time left but last Tuesday we had a district activity (after I emailed). It was just at the chapel I go to. My Tatay brought cake because of my birthday and another sister who had a birthday previously. Anyway that ended up in a cake fight HAHA. And I ended up chasing my Tatay around the chapel trying to get him hahahaha so fun. Everyone had cake all over their face and arms. Of course we cleaned everything up. But yeah we played some games. It was nice to be able to do that before people transferred. 

I am sure that there is more to say but of course I DONT HAVE ANY TIME LEFT ARGHHHHH!!!!

I love you all heaps and I am grateful when you email. I am so sorry that I can't email back. It is the most frustrating thing for me but what can I do eh?

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Take care! And remember Heavenly Father is always there for you. Turn to Him. Remember the Saviour knows and has experienced all that you have. We are NEVER alone and Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for us all!

Have an amazing week! <3

Sister Hann

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