Monday, 29 August 2016

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY - Week 19


So we have been so busy this week since the transfer. We have had to work out how to balance both areas. We are always travelling haha. A few times we have been a little lost but it has been fun haha. We are sort of doing what they call "white-washing." It's where they close an area and then completely new missionaries come in. I can't explain it properly. But yeah that's what we have been doing. We haven't quite got our planning perfect yet because we are trying to juggle a whole lot of other investigators. But it's okay, we are getting there.

So I actually only have one companion. Her name is Sister Leasoon and she is an American Samoan. She is great and we get along well :) I am grateful for that! There are also only 2 of us in the one apartment... and we have a reasonably big apartment! It is really weird but it is good too :) The main problem is we both don't know how to cook HAHA. Fun times!!!

So I am grateful that I have been blessed with good mission leaders. My Nanay was amazing and she taught me so much. I miss her! My Nanay said there is always a special bond between your trainer and also when you train. She was right. My first Tatay who went home after my first transfer always emails me and he is really supportive. He emails me with parts in Tagalog to help me. He is great. My second Tatay who is still in the mission and is still my District Leader is also supportive. He called us on Thursday for our follow up calls and he was like "I am worried about you" I said why? He said because your Nanay is gone and there is only 2 of you in the apartment. I said it was okay and that I was fine. He then said, just call me if you need anything or if anything goes wrong or for whatever. It was so nice. Then when he was talking to my companion he said "take care of my anak for me" (anak is child... pronounced anuk). So I am really blessed with great people here. 

I don't know much time left but last Tuesday we had a district activity (after I emailed). It was just at the chapel I go to. My Tatay brought cake because of my birthday and another sister who had a birthday previously. Anyway that ended up in a cake fight HAHA. And I ended up chasing my Tatay around the chapel trying to get him hahahaha so fun. Everyone had cake all over their face and arms. Of course we cleaned everything up. But yeah we played some games. It was nice to be able to do that before people transferred. 

I am sure that there is more to say but of course I DONT HAVE ANY TIME LEFT ARGHHHHH!!!!

I love you all heaps and I am grateful when you email. I am so sorry that I can't email back. It is the most frustrating thing for me but what can I do eh?

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Take care! And remember Heavenly Father is always there for you. Turn to Him. Remember the Saviour knows and has experienced all that you have. We are NEVER alone and Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for us all!

Have an amazing week! <3

Sister Hann

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Patay na ako - Week 18

Hello everyone!

So "patay na ako" means I am dead in tagalog hahahaha.

So transfer week this week! And tomorrow is transfer day. So this morning the zone leaders called. So the news is........ I am staying in this area, but my nanay is transferring. She is going to be a Sister Training Leader!!!! She is amazing! She got a call Sunday night... so I knew then that I would have a new companion. It was so funny. Sunday night we were planning and the phone was on my table... It starts ringing and I just see "President Koster" and we both freaked out hahahahaha! It was hilarious. So yeah it was sort of nice to know earlier because I have been able to mentally prepare myself hahahahaha.

So the zone leaders called this morning. First they said that I will have 2 new companions!!! So we will be a tri-some! Crazy hey? One is Samoan. I have met her before. She is really nice. I don't know the other sister. The zone leaders didn't know who she was either. Then.... they also told me that they are actually closing the area of Cainta 1b. That's my kabahays. (I am in Cainta 1a.) One of my kabahays is transferring, the other one is going to LA because that's where her actual mission is... she was just waiting for her visa. So that means as a tri-some we will have to go to both my area and the area that Cainta 1b had. Does that make sense haha? Maaaaaaan so I have to lead my area and before she goes to LA, the other sister will show us around their area so we can learn that too. Challenges ahead but I feel calm right now :)

So my birthday... It was really good actually! First of all, in the morning the zone leaders called and my nanay answered. I asked what they said and she just said they were asking about one of our investigators blah blah blah and that they will call back in 10 minutes. I was like okay then... So they called back in 10 minutes and my nanay put the phone on speaker. One of the zone leaders was like Sister Hann guess what? And I was like what? Then them and their kabahays started singing happy birthday to me hahahaha. It was really nice of them :) Then later on in the evening we had a family home evening at a member’s home. They surprised me by singing happy birthday and also gave me a thing that said Happy 21st birthday Sister Hann. It was so good! I had a great birthday :)

Yesterday we had a district meeting at Taytay chapel and all the zone was there (But in seperate rooms for each district). My nanay had asked my tatay to buy me a stuffed toy hahahah so he bought 2 blue bears... One for my birthday and one for me finishing my training :D I am now a normal missionary!!! 

We also had a baptism on Saturday again! It was the 22 year old guy. He is so great seriously!!! I will explain more about him next time. My time is so short again ughhhh because we also have to scan and send the baptismal thing to the office.

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes! :D I can't reply to them all I am sorry but I am so thankful for them! 

I am so happy to be here on a mission. I am learning so much and I am growing so much!

I love you all! 

I'll update you more next week :)

Sister Hann

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Interesting Week! - Week 17

Hello all!!!!

So this week has been an interesting one!

Monday we had our zone activity but it was raining so we just had it in Taytay chapel. We played some basketball for a bit (YAY FINALLY) I played with the Elders hahahaha. They were shocked at my absolutely amazing skills HAHA joke lang. (a Filipino expression) (lang is pronounced as lung). But it was fun. It was me, and the zone leaders vs. their kabahays and another sister. It was raining though so we went inside and played some other games. I really enjoyed it! 

On Tuesday we had our zone training and then interviews with President Koster. So zone training went till about 11. We then had lunch close by (It was my Tatay's birthday). My follow up Tatay is a Filipino. He is cool. Then we had a schedule for the interviews. My Nanay and I were supposed to have ours at like 2 something but there were some things happenin so they changed our interview to the last ones. Anyway so my Nanay and I went home, we went to visit bishop, we were going to visit investigators but we didn't have time. (Taytay chapel is half an hour away). So we went back hahaha so much travelling. We then waited for the others to finish their interviews. It was fun just to talk and chat with the other missionaries while we were waiting. We watched some church videos and other stuff. So not much work for the first two days of the week!

Then.... there has been SO MUCH RAIN!!!!! And there have been floods in our area. It is so frustrating. At first I was like this if fun but nope I am sick of it now. We obviously have to be careful so if it isn't safe we have to go home. So this week we haven't had as many lessons. And it is hard when I am trying to adjust to this routine and to learning the language if I can't have a set routine and be working all the time. 

Don't worry by the way about the floods, we are safe and we know what to do if it gets bad :) Our zone leaders and District leader are always checking up on us too. One of my zone leaders is always saying Australian sayings to me. It is so funny. "Crack open a few cold ones" He loves that one hahaha. I am going to tell him to say "no worries mate"
We had a baptism this week! The husband of Nena was baptized! It was so great! :D We have another baptism set for this weekend also! 

I turn 21 on Sunday!!! Crazy hahahaha. I can't believe it! Don't forget about me on that day okay ;) hehehe joke lang. 

Sorry, I don't have much time to email AGAIN ugh. Maybe I'll have to come up with a better way of emailing. We'll see.

Love you all!

Sister Hann

Ps. Sorry if I don't make sense. I am typing quickly haha

Monday, 8 August 2016

Helloooooooooooo Everyone! Week 16

Helloooooooooo everyone!

Another week gone! Times flies seriously!

So this transfer we have zone interviews. Which means as a zone we go to a chapel and we have interviews one by one with President. My zone is tomorrow. But last week about 4 zones met together and we had a bunch of workshops. And then one zone had their interviews. The workshops were done by the Sister training leaders, the zone leaders and the assistants to the President. They were all so good! And I learnt a lot! I really love having workshops, I always learn a lot and it helps me to be motivated :)

One thing that I love is what President Koster told us. He said that he wants us all, when we arise at 6:30 and pray. To pray for everyone in the mission. To pray for our companion, our kabahays, our district, our zone, and everyone in the mission. He said that he wants us as a mission to be united in pray at 6:30 in the morning. For us all to be praying for each other. I thought that was awesome, and it really helps us to be united together.

So on Friday we had weekly planning again. We then went out in the afternoon and got so punted!!! Which means no one let us in. The main problem for us is that everyone is so busy! So either they weren't there or they were busy! And just to top it off it started pouring with rain! -_- So yeah that for sure was a fun day! Not! Hahaha.

Yesterday we had a great day though! We had 2 members work with us which always helps! (Our ward isn't great with coming out with missionaries because they are so busy). And everywhere we went we were able to go in and visit so it was good! We also had 2 of our investigators have their interview for baptism! And they passed! So yaaaaaay! :D One will be baptised this week.. The other the week after! We also have another one scheduled for the 20th but she hasn't been interviewed yet...  Pero fingers crossed!

We also had 2 less active families come to church who haven't been in forever! It was soooo good! I was fasting and I was a bit disappointed because we didn't have many investigators at church. Then I was breaking my fast and I was like.. wait a minute... 2 less active families just came to church. And I was like oh wow yeah hahaha! Miracles happening :) Fasting is powerful!

So today we have a zone activity!! I am excited :) It was going to be at some place (I don't know where it is) It's a nature place or something. Yeah I am confused hahahaha. The problem is it has been raining this morning so we might just have the activity at TayTay chapel. (By the way Tay is pronounced 'tie'). I have a great zone! So it should be fun :)

Hmm.. Not much more to say for this week. I am continuously learning every day! I can see improvements in my teaching and language.. slowly.. but it's happening haha. I am so grateful for the companionship of the Holy Ghost, and the help of my Father in Heaven. He is always there to help us and will never leave us. We have trials and struggles to strengthen us. But we always receive help! We are truly blessed to know we have someone to turn to when we struggle!

Love you all!!

Hope you have an amazing week!

Sister Hann

Monday, 1 August 2016

Hellooooo Again...... Week 15

So it has been a good week this week :) I got the package at my district meeting! (Thanks mum and dad). The zone leaders came to our district meeting for this week. They saw the food that you sent and they were so keen for it hahahaha so I shared it with everyone. One of the zone leaders LOVED the BBQ shapes. It was hilarious. He couldn't stop eating them and couldn't get over how good they were. It was great hahaha. 

 My new kabahay is Sister Avila and she is great :) 

So last week I forgot to tell about this man we met. First of all, we started talking to 3 women outside his house. Then he came out and he was like. Mormons? And we were like yeah. Then he said... So Joseph Smith? And I said yes. Then he said... So how many wives did Joseph Smith have? And I was like oh wow here we go. One thing he said was extremely interesting though. He said that Mormons were the most dangerous religion. Oh man I literally almost laughed out loud, seriously. I was just like huh?!?!?! He was interesting. Anything we said he would just laugh (in a mocking way). We went to give him a pamphlet to read but he wouldn't accept. He wouldn't accept anything we had to say and just complained about the church basically. All we did was testify and then left because he was just trying to argue with us. Honestly I just felt bad for him. His heart was so closed to anything. We just laughed at the experience afterwards. It didn't discourage us at all or anything :) It was sort of a cool experience in all honesty haha. But yeah just felt bad for him. 

So I had STL exchanges this week. I went with a Sister from America who goes home this transfer. It's funny because she has red hair also! So that was an interesting experience. 2 white girls with red hair walking down the street! We got some stares that's for sure! It was a great exchange. It was in her area. She taught me a lot about being confident in teaching. She said just be confident, even if your grammar is wrong. In Preach My Gospel there is a heading (I think it is on page 2) It is about the power and authority of our calling as missionaries. It talks about how that as missionaries we have the right and privilege to teach the gospel. And also that we have the authority to do so. That is what happens when we get set apart as a missionary. We receive the authority to teach the gospel and to represent the Saviour. Amazing stuff. Just showed me how important this calling is and how I should be confident with this calling. I walk side by side the Saviour, the prophet and the apostles in this work! And there's lots of work to do!

We have an amazing investigator! I think I have mentioned him. His name is Chester and he is 21. His girlfriend is a member. HE IS SO READY FOR BAPTISM! He is great. We had to discern whether he was just being baptised because of his girlfriend but after our lesson with him yesterday we could just tell that his desire is real. So good! For now, we have 3 baptisms in August. 2 on the 13th and 1 on the 20th. They are really progressing so FINGERS CROSSED!!!

One more thing. My Nanay cooks fish sometimes. We just buy a few small fishes at the markets and then she fries it. The problem is most of the time I feel like I am eating more bones than fish hahahaha. It's hilarious! But I have realised I actually like fish. I never ate it back home. And also those who know me well know I really don't like banana. I HAVE BEEN EATING THEM. I must say I am not as converted as with the fish but seriously it is a big step for me to actually eat them. Before my mission I wouldn't even touch them. Philippines what are you doing to me? Hahahaha.


limited time sorry. 

Love you all! 

Sister Hann xx