Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Transfer Week - Week 12

Hi all!

So it is transfer week this week! Transfer day is tomorrow. That’s why I am emailing today and not yesterday. Our P-day was changed so that if anyone has to transfer on Wednesday then it is easier for them to prepare. Sorry that I forgot to say that last week. So we got calls this morning and my Nanay isn't being transferred! YAAAAY! Our zone leaders called and we were freaking out but all is good! And my kabahays aren't leaving either which I am really happy about because we all get along well :)

We had zone training yesterday. That was REALLY good! Our zone leaders are called my grandfather’s hahahah. They are really cool.  One just got transferred and he leaves next month. So I won't see him again. One of the zone leaders yesterday was freaking me out because he was like "what if your Nanay is transferred?" and I was like WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY? hahahah but it is all good! My Tatay is also gone now! He is going home today! :( He was hilarious. He is from America. But I will get what they call a follow up Tatay (because I am still in my training). My old Tatay said that I shouldn't acknowledge this new District Leader as my Tatay because he'll always be my real Tatay hahaha. He is a crack up. He made our district meetings good! 

This week we met our new Mission President. He is really good! He is from California. He and his wife both served in the Philippines and in the same mission. They have 4 children but one is serving a mission at the moment. They are so kind and so excited to be here. It is going to be great with them! I am excited!

This week we got a referral from one of the members. It was a 21 year old guy. We went to his house with the assistant to the ward mission leader (who is 21 also). We can only meet with him on Sunday's because he is so busy, and we need to have a female present. But anyway, we were just chatting and getting to know him and it was just like we were young people having a good chat. Then we went into the lesson and it was serious and obviously the Spirit was really there. Then at the end I started inviting him to be baptised and before I even finished he said yes... and I was like um what? hahahah (just in my head). It was so good! He seems very prepared. I won't get my hopes up but he has great potential. I just thought it was awesome how such young people can joke and talk and then just have a discussion about gospel stuff. It was really good :) 

Did I explain about Nena's husband last week? Anyway he has a baptism date for Aug 13. He is a smoker though but when we visited him yesterday he said he hadn't smoked any that day! And that is such a great achievement for him! His heart has really softened towards us! I remember when I first came he wouldn't even talk to us and now he is really being involved and joking with us too. He said that when we leave we will always have a place in his heart and that we are always welcome back! He is great! Their children are not interested, pero hopefully one day!

I am sorry that I haven't been sending photos. I don't have heaps at the moment. 

Wait back to our zone training. Our zone leaders talked about our great importance as missionaries. I'll have to paraphrase it but they said that there are about 75,000 missionaries in the world today. And they were talking about those spirits who followed Satan when there was the war in heaven (now they are on the earth as spirits because they did not choose Heavenly Fathers plan to come to earth so they could not gain a body). Anyway they did the maths and apparently there are about 500,000 of those spirits to every one missionary. Meaning there are that many spirits tempting missionaries etc. I was just like wow far out. No wonder this is hard. And obviously they are doing this and focusing on us because we are bringing the gospel to people. We are bringing the way back to our heavenly father to people and obviously Satan doesn't want that! Ugh there is more to it and I can't explain it because I left my study journal back in the apartment. But maybe I'll explain more next week. And sorry to my non-member friends who probably don't understand what I am saying haha. 

By the way if my English grammar is bad it is because whenever I hear English it is mostly from Filipinos and their grammar isn't normally correct and so that is all I hear! Literally I have to think about English grammar properly and I can't always remember things anymore! Hahaha it is crazy. So I am sorry if my English is bad. Also I am typing fast and not really proof reading.

Love you all,

Hope all is well and keep emailing me, even if I don't respond.

Sister Hann xx

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