Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Hi All - Week 13

So there isn't heaps to catch you up on this week.

On Sunday we came home after church and we had just finished lunch when my Nanay put ice down my back. Well... That started something hahaha. I got her back... She also got Sister Tio.. So we were like okay we're going to get her back but she ran upstairs. I got more ice ready and I was going to run up the stairs to get her when a lot of water came pouring down from upstairs onto me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man it was lots of fun and just helped us to get rid of some stress! 

So my P-Day is today because we had a temple trip today :) The temple closes for 3 months so they wanted us to go before it closes. Which was so good! We really needed it! On Monday though we had planned to rest for the whole day and during our companion study we got a message from the zone leaders saying our P-Day had changed and that we had to prepare to go out proselyting. I was like... REALLY!?!?!?! I just had to laugh about it. I was so prepared to rest hahahaha.

We are so tired at the moment!!!! Today we woke up at 4 because we had to be at the temple at 6. We went home and had a sleep and now we are here. We plan to go back and sleep after haha. 

I have an awesome zone again :) Only a few people were transferred. One of the zone leaders was transferred, so there are now 2 Filipinos. They are awesome though :) And we are going to get a zone t-shirt this transfer woooo!!! I am excited for that!!

Ohhh I forgot!!! So we have apartment checks once a transfer. They are surprise visits. We had it yesterday. We had a district meeting yesterday and when we got home the District leader text us saying that some other sisters in the zone said they'd just had an apartment check. So we all looked at each other and then got up and started rushing around the apartment cleaning it all!!! Hahaha it was so funny. So there is a point system with the apartments. You can get a celestial apartment, terrestrial, telestial and outer darkness hahahahaha! We got Celestial WOOO! Which means that we get a voucher for KFC! So good: P We text the DL and we were like THANK YOU SO MUCH hahahaha!!! If you don't pass the apartment check you can't go to zone or district activities. Luckily we all passed!!!

So yeah not much to update on. I am rushing this hahahaha. But all good! I hope this isn't an awful email: P I should write down what I need to email you about. 

Anyway I am making no sense! It won't be long till I email again on Monday :) Hopefully it will be a better email!

Love you all and I miss you heaps!

Sister Hann xx

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