Monday, 4 July 2016

Almost finished my first transfer! Week 11

So I have almost finished my first transfer! Transfer day is the 13th of July. I am hoping that my trainer doesn't get transferred but we will see :( 

We have a new President! We haven't met him yet but we will on Wednesday. We have another zone conference. I am pretty sure they are normally just once every 1 or 2 transfers but we've had 2 in one because of the change in President. So that will be interesting! His name is President Koster and he is from America!

So last P-Day we had another district activity. We are supposed to have a zone activity and a district activity once a transfer but our zone leaders didn't pass their apartment check and so we couldn't have a zone activity. But because my Tatay (dad- district leader) is going home at the end of this transfer he organised an activity but only our district came. But that's all good because my district is good. We went bowling! It was heaps of fun :) My Nanay won on our lane hahaha. We had two lanes. My Tatay was in our lane and his companion was in the other lane. And then our kabahays (housemates) were in our lane. Does that make sense? Anyway it was heaps of fun :) ( I came third and got a strike wooo haha that's good for me).

This week we've been punted a lot! But that's okay! Thursday was particularly tough for me. I was just stressed about stuff. That night just before we had our nightly planning I had a really good talk with my Nanay. (yes I may have cried). She really helped me and I am so grateful for her. I have learnt that I have to be patient with this language! Yes there is progress in my understanding, but I still have a long way to go with the speaking. But I have learnt that it TAKES TIME! I am not going to learn it all at once and that is okay. Sometimes I am hard on myself and expect to know it all now. 

We also had STL exchanges this week. Which means I had to lead our area with one of the STL's. I was SO nervous! But it was fine! I lead where to go but she still took the lead with talking to people. We got punted most of the time then as well haha. But she was also really helpful and explained to me that it takes time and gave me some good tips for studying. So I am so grateful! I stress too much, there was no need to stress about the exchange. I was really able to learn from her. She goes home at the end of this transfer too!

Yesterday we got punted AGAIN! Pero, we had Nena come out with us to teach (our recent convert). We had a great experience! We went to talk to her sister and niece. As we finished talking to them we started walking down the street and this young girl asked me my name. Her parents were there and they invited us in! The father grew up a mormon! The wife is catholic. His Aunties were there and they are also catholic. We just spoke with them for a while and then I just shared a scripture on faith. We left them a Restoration pamphlet to read and they said we could keep coming back to visit!! It was just awesome because we had not planned any of that, we hadn't even been around that area before. Sometimes being punted is good hahaha because it leads you to people you wouldn't have seen if you hadn't! Heavenly Father is always preparing people. 

Sad news, we haven't been about to teach the boy Carlo again. (The one who just came into the lesson and accepted the bap date). We've seen him twice but we haven't been able to teach him. Not really sure what's happening there. I think Satan has a part in this because honestly he seemed to be ready and so prepared and now he isn't letting us teach? Ugh anyway! I hope there is progress there this week!

Oh and we got rained on yesterday! It was so heavy hahahaha. We had gone out to contact a referral but they weren't there. And then it started POURING!!! Hahahaha when we get soaked it is always fun though. I enjoy the rain to be honest.. Keeps things interesting!!!

I am so sorry I cannot respond to everyone. I am trying to give a better weekly email though. I honestly love you all and miss you all! I wish I could talk to you all more! I really do! I thank you all so much for you prayers! I honestly need them haha. It's so hard to learn a language! I PROMISE I READ ALL YOUR EMAILS SO DON'T THINK YOU ARE SENDING THEM FOR NO REASON! I APPRECIATE THEM!

Just want to share a quick experience I had a few weeks back that I forgot to share. Sometimes we won't teach a specific lesson.. We will just share a scripture according to their needs. I shared 2 Nephi 31:20 with one of our investigators. She started crying. Apparently her mum had just sent her that the other day (her mum is a member). And apparently she really needed to hear it. I have a had a few experiences where I have shared scriptures and the investigators have felt the spirit. One time I had the thought.. "But I don't understand everything that is going on." Then the thought came to me, "This is not for you." I was humbled by that. I was also grateful that despite the language barrier, I can help people feel the spirit. It really isn't about me! It is ALWAYS about them! 

I am really striving to develop the Christ-like attributes of patience and humility! This is such a humbling experience. I am trying to learn to 'forget myself' and focus on everyone else!

Love you all!

Sister Hann 


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