Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Taytay, Cainta - Week 7

Hi all!!

The field is great! I am in Cainta 1st ward :) I can't send you my address sorry. But I am in an apartment with another companionship. One of the other missionaries left the MTC the same day as me so that was cool :)

My trainer is Sister Soriano. She is a Filipino and she is great :) You call your traininer your Nanay (mother) haha. So she is always calling me 'anak' which is child.  She is really helping me and we get along so well! Which I am so happy about because she has made the adjustment great! 

It is hard at times here because I don't really understand what is going on half the time hahaha. But I am learning! I will get there :) It wasn't supposed to be easy! Despite the language I actually really like it here! The people are great! I have met some great people already. It is very humbling because most of the houses are so small. 

It is rainy season here! I have been caught in the rain twice! When it rains for like an hour here it floods! So the second time was on Monday. We had a family home evening with two families in a small house (it was so good) and as we were leaving it started POURING! We got out and were waiting for a tricycle (look them up, I love them) and we were walking down the street with the water up to our ankles. They are so right when they say "it's more fun in the Philippines!" Hahahaha. I have experienced so many things here that I just wouldn't experience back home. We had 3 young men come and work with us that day and as we were walking in the rain one was just shouting "the church is true" hahahahah it was heaps of fun :)

Another experience... we went to one of the ward missionaries house (he's 21, he's really cool) anyway while we waited for him to get ready to come out with us we walked around the neighbourhood with his little bro and little cousin. As we were walking around there were a few kids struggling to carry these bottles of water so we helped them. (they lived in a squatters area). Anyway when we went there we had to cross this dodgy bridge.. that was fun.. then when we went to the house to drop the water off my companion started talking to the father and then she noticed that about 20 kids started gathering around. Then she was like ooooooookaaaaaay let's go.. I was like huh? But we left anyway and these kids kept following us and calling out stuff that I obviously didn't understand. Anyway when we finally got away my companion said that they obviously hadn't seen a white person before and they were shouting out things like "I have a crush on you" Hahahaha far out. Seeing a white person is strange here so I always have people staring at me. 

So my P-day is actually Monday but we had temple day today so that is why I am emailing today. But from now on it will be Monday :) 

I will send some emails soon! I am really liking it here! My real struggle is the language but that will come as I keep working! I have been reading all your emails! I am just trying to email as many people as I can. (If I don't email everyone please tell them I am sorry) I only have an hour to email!

Jacob HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY FOR YESTERDAY!! I remembered! I have a calendar on my wall and I wrote it on there. I was thinking of him yesterday! 

Btw I now wake up at 6:30am and go to bed at 10:30pm.. It was just different in the MTC because of construction going on around there. 

Okay photos....

At the temple today. This Elder was in the MTC with me (he is my batchmate).

 Me and my Nanay (that's what you call your trainer).

One of the ward missionaries haha (the 21 year old). 

 Family Home Evening  

 Me and my Nanay (that's what you call your trainer) and in the background 3 young men.

The 2 children we walked around the neighbourhood with (when we were chased).

My first Sunday with my kabahays (housemates)

Me washing my clothes by hand!!! (yep that's how we do it).

Me outside the temple today.

                       PRESIDENT TRASK! (we visited the MTC when we went for the temple today). He is seriously the best!!!!

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