Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Baptism - Week 10

So this week has been a busy one!!

There have been a few highlights

On Wednesday I had my first zone conference. It was also the last one of our Mission President and his wife. It was heaps of fun! There were talks, testimonies of people who are leaving at the end of this transfer, and we had games. That was so much fun haha. It was nice to just muck around for a while and act like kids :P (You know how much I love that).

So it is always interesting walking around here because it is so weird for them to see white people. I always have people staring at me. Depends what mood I am in depends on how I feel about it. If I am in a good mood then I just find it funny. If I am not in the best mood I just feel like saying.. I AM NOT AN ALIEN PEOPLE!!!. Joke. It's fine really, I understand that it is weird for them to see white people :P

SOOOO!!! I have seen progress with the language this week! Nothing miraculous, but I feel like I can understand more!! When I first noticed it I was like YESSSS!! Hahaha. Step by step. It is just nice to see some progress! 

I gained a greater testimony of how Heavenly Father prepares people to receive the gospel this week also. There is this one lady we stop around to see a lot but most of the time she is too busy and so we don't go in. Just the other day we stopped around and she let us in.. Then out of no where her nephew comes in and sits down. We were like okay cool! Haha. We had planned to teach Lesson 2, The Plan of Salvation.. so we continued with that. At the end of the lesson I invited them both to be baptised (Re-invited the lady because she already had a bap date) and they said yes!! She was still a bit unsure but he was so receptive!! I was so happy haha. Afterwards I was like.. wow... we haven't been able to come in to teach her and the one time we do her nephew comes in to listen also and then accepts the bap date. Through out the lesson I observed him and he was just taking it all in. I could just feel he was so ready to accept the gospel. Heavenly Father really prepares people and puts them in our path if we are willing to work. Was an awesome experience! I hope that it continues to go well with him. Oh and the bap date is Aug 20.. day before my birthday ;)

We had a baptism wooooooo!!! Her name is Nena! She is awesome. It all went well! And we had a few investigators come to watch also. Her husband is a former investigator but he came and he has come to church the past 2 weeks. So we are going to focus on him this week! I feel as though his heart has softened. When I first came he would leave the room when we came to teach Nena, but now he sits in on the lessons. So we will see!!

We also had a temple/MTC tour. We just walked around the temple with the investigators and took photos. It was so nice! And then President Trask did a tour of the MTC. The YSA from TayTay stake did that with us. It was great to see him again :) And I saw one of my MTC teachers which was awesome too.

Random thing, there are gecko's in my apartment Uncle Todd. Haven't caught one yet, but I will ;) 

One of our investigators has a desire to be baptised, and even was asking if she could go on a mission when we did the MTC tour. Except she is 16 with a child. She can't get married and she is living with her partner. :( She is so mature though and ugh I just wish she could get baptised! Frustrating but it is okay.

Not much more to say.. Well I can't think right at this moment haha. 

I am so grateful for this restored gospel. Teaching about it increases my testimony. I know it is true and I know through it we can live with our Father in Heaven again. I cannot wait to live with my family forever (in the Celestial Kingdom okay guys? haha). Remember that saying "No empty chairs"? This gospel is the only way to true and lasting happiness. Worldly things just don't matter in comparison. The Book of Mormon is the word of God, another Testament of Jesus Christ. Never replacing the Bible, working hand in hand with it. I love it and it helps me every day. READ IT OKAY!?! My non member friends reading this email... Just read it also haha ;) You won't regret it! 

Love you all and miss you all.


Sister Hann


Baptism of Nena

Nena and her husband.

Temple Tour

Temple Tour

Temple Tour

Walking home on Sunday.

Walking home on Sunday. It rained so much there had been some flooding.

Zone Conference - My Nanay and Taytay (trainer and zone leader)

My Nanay and I at Zone Conference

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