Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Preparation Day (P-Day) Week 1

Hello everyone!!!

Kumusta po kayo? (how are you?) 
Hahahaha yes I am just going to put random Tagalog words into these emails as I learn them.

Things are good here! Sometimes it is challenging but I am getting there. 
So in the MTC we are separated into LTM's (language training missionaries), and RTM's (regular training missionaries). Obviously I am an LTM. We are then separated into districts. I am apart of Helaman district. There are 3 Elders and 6 sisters. 5 of them are Polynesians haha. Two are from Vanuatu, and then us two Australians. The only other LTM's are the senior batch who have already been here about 3 weeks. They will leave when the Filipinos leave because they only stay for 3 weeks because they know the language. 

So we've learnt a lot of Tagalog already. We have learnt how to pray (can't do if fluently yet). But we know how to say how are you, good morning (magandang umaga), good afternoon (magandang hapon), good evening (magandang gabi). Oh by the way they put 'po' after everything for a sign of respect. I think the RTM's are getting sick of us always saying the same thing hahahaha. We know a lot more than that but yeah too hard to put all of them in the email :P If we don't understand we just say 'opo' which is yes hahahaha and hope for the best. :P And we always say 'masarap' after every meal.. it means delicious :P Speaking of food... It is SOOOO good! And there legit is rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner, no joke :P The ONE day I was fasting we didn't have rice for breakfast.. there was pancakes! I was like really?!?!?! 

So the second day we had to teach an investigator.. who only spoke Tagalog. That was definitely an interesting experience hahaha. When our teacher told us we were just like, are you actually serious? We tried to use the Tagalog words we had already learnt hahaha but when she spoke we honestly didn't understand anything unless she dropped an English word which barely happened. The second time we taught her she asked about what we were studying. I said I was studying primary school teaching and then I thought I said (in Tagalog) that I love children. Turns out I said I have children.. Whoops!!! 

Sunday was really good. I felt a lot better when I was able to partake of the Sacrament and watch some devotionals that we had. 

Oh we get to go to the temple today! So excited! :D I really need that at the moment. 2 people from our district.. and Elder and a Sister are getting endowed, so that will be awesome :) The other night we had gym so I played 2 on 2 with some of the Elders, while the Sisters played volleyball. I missed basketball so I had to hahaha. It was good :) 

My kasama (companion) and I have a deal with a Filipino named Elder Gonzaga, that every time we see him we have to ask him something in English and he will translate it into Tagalog for us. That has been really cool :). 

Last night we had a general authority come and speak to us. That was so good. His name was Elder Haynie. He is part of the seventy and is part of the area presidency here. That was really great and the spirit was really strong :) 

There is not heaps more to say I don't think.

I'll keep you all updated. I think I'll email this time most P- days. I don't think it will change but we'll see.. I'll email you photos in a second. 

Mahal Kita (I love you) Not how to say I love you all yet hahahaha.

Sister Hann xx

My companion (Sister King) and I

Sister King and I having our immunisation

These are two Sisters in my district. Sister Lata and Sister Billy

These are the Elders. Elder Apaapa, Elder Kumra and Elder Udersike

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