Wednesday, 4 May 2016

I Hate Stairs - Week 2

I legit hate stairs! And I am FOREVER walking up and down them here. The MTC is made up of two main buildings that are next to each other. You only have to walk a few metres and then you are in the next building. So I am just going to complain for a second here. My district room is at the end of one building on the second floor, and then my room where I sleep is in the other building on the 3rd floor. So I have to walk down 3 flights of stairs to get down from my room and then we'll walk into the other building, all the way down the other end and then up to the second floor to my district room. There are no toilets on the floor where my district room is. Anyway, this sounds so stupid when I write it but seriously IT HURTS!!!! Anyway, enough complaining.

So this week has been awesome! A lot better than the first week. I had one pretty bad day last week. It was just a mixture of stress from the language, still trying to adjust to the new place and new people, and homesickness. I went and spoke to President Trask the MTC President. He is so awesome! And he really helped me. He refers to himself as our 'second papa' (don't worry dad he can't replace you :P). He's just really caring and you can tell he loves all the missionaries! Being able to talk to him helped me be calm and feel better. He also showed me Alma 26:27 which brought me A LOT of comfort! Have a read. The next day I fasted to feel motivation and to just enjoy being there. It worked so fast! Half way through the day I was already feeling so motivated and happy! Definitely strengthened my testimony on fasting for sure! Oh also... President Trask LOVES to talk.. So you can't expect to go in there for a quick visit :P

One of the Sisters in my district (Sister Billy) tried to say take care to someone but she actually said 'magsisi' which is repent hahahahaha it was hilarious. So I just say magsisi to her all the time and she loses it. 

So... Sunday was fun. Normally for Sacrament meeting we split off into RTM's and LTM's. But cause it was fast Sunday we were all together and guess what... I had to say the opening prayer haha. So I did it in Tagalog! (With a few English words haha). When I was done I heard some chatter haha.. I think the Filipinos were surprised :P 

The Filipino missionaries are just so awesome. They're so friendly. I have different handshakes with a few of the Elders :P Some of them call me Sister Hann Jackie Chan hahahaha. One Elder started that because I said my first name and he was saying something about a Jade in Jackie Chan? I have no idea if that's true but yeah because of that a few Elders call me Jackie Chan or what I said before haha. It is hilarious. 

We had another devotional last night. That was great. It was a new Area Seventy. Elder Pagaduan. If you look in the Chastity missionary pamphlets.... the last photo is actually him and his family! So cool haha.

I think that's the main things for this week. I'm trying to rush so I can email everyone haha. I'll send some photos through as well in a sec :) 

Mahal Kita (it means I love you... don't know how to say I love you all yet hahahaha.)

Sister Hann xx 

So the first photo is a bunch of people at lunch hahahaha. The next one (to the right) is 2 sisters from my district (you can't see my badge in any of them)Next is Elder Santos.. he's a crackup. Then there is my buddy Elder Aro and I, he is awesome. One of the Elders stole my camera last night and took this photo of his badge haha. There were also selfies hahahaha.Lastly, 3 Elders who are extremely happy to get their photo taken hahaha.

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