Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Crazy Week - Week 4

Hi everyone! 

Well well well,

This week has been a crazy one haha!

So obviously the last batch of missionaries left a week ago. That sucked and still does but I complained about that last week. 

The new batch of missionaries are cool. There are less of them this time. I haven't become heaps close with them yet.. maybe in time. 

So I have a new companion haha.  I am now with Sister Billy. She is from Vanuatu. She is heaps cool and we get along really well! I was also called as Sister Training Leader.... but with a sister from another companionship. (Sister Tango). That doesn't normally happen haha but yeah that is a long story! As STL's we just help if any of the Sister's in our zone have any problems and that sort of thing. And we turn the lights off in the hallway before bed and tell everyone to turn their lights off at 10 haha. We have meetings every Sunday and just discuss what's happening with our district and our zone.

Our district is interesting haha. Some problems are happening.. Some people aren't being that obedient. But that's all good, as long as I am being obedient.. That's what really matters. There are some of us that are just doing our best to do the right thing.  

In a way I can't wait to get out of the MTC. It is hard being inside all the time. I just want to get out and do the work. I feel happiest when I am figuring out what will help our 'investigators.' I just want to get out there and do the work. I can see progress in the language though! In my lessons I have actually been able to form Tagalog sentences and understand (most) of what they're saying. So happy to see progress haha. Before I just felt like I was getting no where. 

(I don't have photos for this week, sorry). I might come on and email some a bit later if I take anymore and if I can come back on but we'll see. 

Missing you all. 

Love you 

Sister Hann


                         This one was from like the first or second week. Sister Tango, Sister Havea,                                                           me and Sister King. (Of course my badge is hiding). 

                      Sister King, Sister Tango, me, Sister B (her name is so long.. she just came today..                                 she had gone home and has come back.. (she's my companion with Sister Billy) and Sister Billy. 

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