Friday, 22 April 2016

Missionary Training Centre (MTC) Manila

Hey everyone!

So I am in the MTC right now! It is SOOOO cool! :D I finally have my badge! It feels so great to wear it!

I had to wake up so early this morning to come here and I went to bed so late because I arrived at the hotel at about 12:00 am. So I am in struggle town. We're doing all the orientation stuff at the moment and sending an email to you all is the last part of it. I just had two extra injections so my left arm is dead :'( They hurt so much!!!

Just wanted to let you all know that I am doing well! It was so great to come and there be SOOOO many other missionaries! It is an amazing environment :) My companion is Sister King and she is from Sydney! So it is nice to have someone to speak fluent English with. Although, it sounds awesome with people speaking a mix of Tagalog and English. As you walk around everyone says "Hey Elder", or "Hey Sister" and everyone is just so friendly. It is awesome :)

Mum we are able to call on mothers day... They just told me that :) May 8 right?

In the rooms there are 6 beds.. I haven't gone into my room yet though. I am going to have to get used to NEVER being alone haha. Already I am wanting to go relax and watch a tv show by myself ;) Haha jokes (sort of). But nah I will survive :D 

I think we'll get our planners soon and our schedules. 

Okay so I can't individually email at the moment but I will on P-day.. whenever that is. Wish I could though :(

Don't worry about me! I am doing well! It was tough to leave and travel by myself but I am really enjoying it here at the MTC now. We'll see if I continue to say that when I am struggling with the language ;)

Love you all! 

Sister Hann

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